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Party in the Barn!

It was like Romper Room in the barn at closing time last night. Just as I finished closing the coops, overseen by Thunder and Maxwell, the rest of the front pasture cows arrived, evidently attracted by the remnants of chicken feed I had tossed to the sheep.

How they “heard” about that all the way down at the hay rings is a matter for ESP investigators. All I know is that one second there were two cows in the barn and the next second there were eight, with little Emma kicking up her heels as she pranced in. Linus (who’s getting less little every day) picked up the dance, kicking up his heels and turning circles. That inspired both Princess and Buddy, who both kicked up their heels in a sort of circular do-si-do.

As Princess danced toward Buddy, with a game of head-butting clearly on her mind, I slipped out of the way, leaving them to their play.

Do you follow us on Facebook? Our resident photographer, Kathy, posts photos and videos regularly, allowing you to really see what sanctuary life is like. Here’s a recent photo of Emma, who nearly starved to death at a petting zoo before being rescued:


"Let's get this party started"

5 comments to Party in the Barn!

  • On another note, people keep asking me if Bill is still alive – can someone please let me know how he’s doing if he hasn’t been killed …. thank you!!
  • bravebird
    Yes, Bill was still alive as of a week or so ago. We posted some pictures, snapped by a passerby, on our Facebook page. That’s where we tend to post any updates we receive about Bill from GMC students or neighbors.
  • pattrice
    On a happier note, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival today of two cows from another Facebook cause celebre: Frick and Frack are two of the five NJ cows so many of our Facebook fans implored us to help save from slaughter. We did. Two are coming here and three have been adopted by a trustworthy caregiver.
  • Barbara Beierl
    What a relief to know that Bill is still alive–for how long we don’t know. Thank you for saving the NJ cows.
    Until I read the description of what goes on in the barn, I had no idea that things were so cheerful and that the cows were so “perky.” You might teach them to square dance–you’ve got four couples–and charge admission. Barbara
  • pattrice
    “Perky” doesn’t begin to describe today’s glee, when the first of those two new cows arrived. (The other is so large that they couldn’t fit together in the trailer, so it will take two trips.) I’ll write about that magical moment–imagine romping cows and leaping sheep– soon.

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