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Blue to the Rescue

Blue came to the sanctuary from a domestic violence situation. He had been a loner but, last summer, began hanging out with me almost constantly, waking me on my mornings off by crowing on my doorstep.

Blue, the peacemaking rooster

During the winter months, of course, Blue spent most of his time in the barn. Since spring has come, I’ve noticed that he has gotten some friends, who sometimes come with him to hang out at my place.

Today, Blue was by himself near the new pigeon aviary when we saw him suddenly take off running for the field across the driveway. Why? One of our less friendly roosters was picking on a recently arrived rooster who has been having a hard time fitting in. Seeing that, Blue ran to put himself between them, literally breaking up the fight.

He can crow on my doorstep any day.

6 comments to Blue to the Rescue

  • Here’s my hooray for Blue, too. :-)
  • CQ
    “Blessed are the peacemakers:” (Matthew 5:9)

    Blessed is Blue.

  • Renata Cheferrino
    Interessante a história do Azul ! também temos um galo que apareceu no nosso sítio, não sabemos de onde veio, com 3 bicheiras em estado avançado, cuidamos dele, ficou bom e agora ele vive aqui aparentando estar muito bem, forte e feliz ! o nome dele é Major ! ele é vermelho tipo Rodhes Island, ele já é mais velho e se dá muito em com nossos gatos resgatados das ruas ! Galos são animais muito legais !
  • pattrice
    @Renata: Sim, as pessoas estão muito preconceito contra galos, mas elas sao muito legais. Obrigado para a história do Major.
  • victoria figurelli
    Blue is very brave and sweet
  • Cheers to Blue for intervening for peace! <3

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