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The Backyard Bird Fad: Profit is All They Care About

Lest anyone forget that profit is the bottom line for all providers of animal flesh and other “products,” check out this website sent to us from a fellow activist with the NH Animal Rights League:

Just like Victory Chicken, about whom we blogged and sent out an action alert several months ago, these people put a pretty false front on their desire to capitalize on the happy meat, eggs, and milk phenomenon known euphemistically as “humane farming.” Humans who are unwilling to give up eating animals and their products find comfort in either purchasing “humanely raised” flesh or else “raising” their own; in this way they assuage their guilt and get to go about business as usual when it comes to what they put in their mouths.

But of course there is nothing humane about exploitation or murder, just as there is nothing humane about force-breeding chickens for animal agriculture, selling living beings, and educating people on how best to exploit and/or murder those same living beings. This is all about money, folks — money made on the backs of other animals.

So please, write to places like this Buying Chickens and let them know that you are not duped by their sales pitch. “Farming” animals is wrong no matter how it’s dolled up. Let them know you choose a plant-based diet instead, and will urge everyone you know to do the same.


3 comments to The Backyard Bird Fad: Profit is All They Care About

  • miriam
    Miriam here — an extremely dear friend and amazing activist told me that a great way to tell them how you feel is to “fill out part of their survey – linked from HOW YOU CAN HELP on the homepage. At the end, there is a place to write a comment – as long as you want.”

    Thank you!!!

  • pattrice
    I second that emotion. The vendors pushing the backyard chicken fad are doing so purely for purposes of profit. Their customers, on the other hand, are more complicated. Some seem motivated by a sincere wish for closer communion with animals. But, instead of adopting homeless animals as companions, they end up buying birds bred by profiteers and then exploiting them for their eggs. I wonder whether any VINE blog readers have ideas about how to intervene in this escalating trend.
  • It also appears they were expecting us. This is an option on 2 questions “Plant-Based Poultry Alternatives (Boca, Quorn, Morningstar Farms, Etc.)”. That gives me hope that we’re making a dent! ;)

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