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Ways to Help VINE While Having Fun

Are you one of those active types who wants to contribute, but who prefers doing something to simply sending in a donation? Have you been trying to think of a way to help VINE raise much-needed funds and spread awareness about animal liberation issues at the same time? Well, think no more! Here are three ways you can help New England’s largest farmed animal sanctuary keep doing what we do.



If you can barely squeeze your car into your garage, and your spare bedroom looks like something right out of an episode of Hoarders, it’s time to take action. Before the weather turns cold, collect all of your unwanted valuable household items and put them to good use – by selling them to help the animals. That’s right: hold a garage sale or a yard sale (or call it an estate sale if you insist), and donate the proceeds to help VINE Sanctuary. You can accomplish multiple goals; you’ll win points with your significant other (if you have one) by clearing the clutter, you’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll receive a nice tax deduction. Most importantly, you’ll help feed, house, and care for the animals at VINE, all of whom have survived neglect, cruelty and suffering. Don’t delay! Before summer ends, have a sale and help make a difference in the world for animals.


vegan bake sale

Vegan bake sales are a win win win for everyone. The folks who buy the goodies get to eat some of the tastiest treats out there; the people who hold the sale have a chance to spread the word about veganism; and the organization which receives the proceeds of the sale gets to do more of what it does best. In VINE’s case, that means we get help with our twin missions of providing an excellent quality of life to over 475 animals, most of whom were formerly farmed, and conducting education and advocacy efforts to work toward a world where animal sanctuaries are unnecessary. Get your baking pans out, recruit your friends, and hold a bake sale soon, while the weather holds!


 vegan drinks

Whether you’re consuming alcoholic beverages or fancy alcohol-free drinks, Vegan Drinks Nights are always a lot of fun. First, there’s the knowledge that you can be out and about without worrying about what you’re drinking – no hidden animal products to guard against. Second, there’s a whole crowd of people all gathered together to have a good time, with no worries about vegan baiting. Third, there’s the knowledge that a percentage of the proceeds you’ve racked up by having fun will go to support something important: the work VINE does every day to ensure the safety and well-being of hundreds of rescued animals. Check out your local bar scene to see what you can arrange. If you don’t have a local bar scene, not to worry! Host a house party and have just as much fun.





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