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A Thanksgiving Message from Mama T

This year, in advance of Thanksgiving, VINE has been and will be leafleting and leaving¬†this brochure (pdf) at places where purportedly “humanely” raised and killed birds are sold. You can help! Just download and print/reproduce as many copies as you like. If you feel energetic, set yourself up outside of a food co-op, Whole Foods, or other purveyor of “happy meat” and have some conversations while handing out brochures. If you don’t have the time or chutzpah to do that, just leave a stack where shoppers will see them. Most food co-ops have a place where free literature can be left. Otherwise, be creative!

Here’s a¬†pdf of the brochure.

And, here’s a little bit about the turkey known as “Mama T,” whose photo graces its cover.


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