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We can’t lie. Some of the sheep at the sanctuary –we’re looking at you, Nigel– seem to have a perpetual case of the munchies. ALL of our sanctuary residents have healthy appetites, and that is particularly true for cows such as Luna, Blake, Addison, Jasper, Poncho, and Midnight Moon, all of whom survived near-starvation before being rescued. Hens from egg factories often have suffered the form of starvation known as “forced moulting.”

And that means that, no matter how much we hate capitalism and would prefer to focus on campaigns rather than fundraising, we have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to get the money we need to keep everybody well-fed (not to mention safely housed and in good health).

You can help. We NEED you to help. Even if you can’t afford to donate yourself, you can support the sanctuary by fundraising. One fun way to do this while promoting veganism at the same time is by participating in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale and donating your proceeds to VINE.

This year, again, VINE Sanctuary will be participating in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale not only by holding our own local bake sale but also by asking our supporters to hold bake sales anytime between April 26th and May 4th, sending the proceeds to the sanctuary. Food co-ops, college campuses, and public parks or squares are just a few of the high-traffic places where it is usually easy to get permission to set up a table laden with fresh-baked vegan delights, demonstrating the deliciousness of veganism while also raising funds for a worthy cause—such as feeding the hungry animals at VINE.

The folks at Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale make it easy to participate with recipes, baking tips, and tips for organizing a successful sale. We’re happy to help too, by sending flyers you can use to advertise your event and brochures to distribute along with the vegan sweets. We can also help you to think through any questions that arise as you organize your event.

Just use the form below to let us know where to send the materials and help us keep track of who’s “getting baked” for VINE. Or, use email, Facebook, or Twitter to contact us at any time.

If you’d like to participate but feel daunted by the idea of organizing a bake sale all on your own, think about you have vegan friends who might want to help. Do you participate in a vegan meet-up, book club, or other organization that might want to pitch in and make it a group event? Here’s another idea: Tell us of your interest, and we’ll use Facebook and other social media to try to match you up with somebody else in your area.

P.S. If throwing a bake sale for the sanctuary isn’t up your alley, there are lots of other ways you can help VINE raise funds. Visit this handy guide for ideas.

Who, me?

Who, me?

Bake Sale Sign-Up Form

1 comment to Get BAKED for VINE

  • Thanks for this great shout-out and for participating in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (WVBS) – and for the million other things you do!

    Note: Although the official week of the WVBS is April 26 thru May 4, if you can’t hold a vegan bake sale during that timeframe, it can be later (or earlier ) – we’re lenient! :)

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