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A Walk in the Park

This past Sunday I met up with some local Boston friends for the JP Hike or Bike for VINE around Jamaica Pond.

It was a beautiful day, a bit humid, but that was surely better than rain. We met at the boat house and talked a bit, then started our walk around 1:15pm.

The sun was shining, folks were out enjoying the weather; having picnics, laying in the sun, and riding their bikes. Rosa, Alexa and I walked a few laps around the pond, admiring the view from the opposite side of the boat house. It was only my second time at Jamaica Pond since last year, the extra long winter in Massachusetts kept me in the house until a few weeks ago.

Hike or Bike for VINE Jamaica Pond

Hike or Bike for VINE Jamaica Pond


In the midst of our conversation, both Alex and Rosa asked me to talk to them more about VINE and my experience so far as the Community Engagement Coordinator. I told them about the great team that I am a part of and how, even though I am located in Boston, they make it a point to include me in their emails to make sure I am in the loop on all of the sanctuary’s happenings.

I also mentioned that we will be tabling and marching at the Boston Dyke March this coming Friday, alongside some amazing LGBTQ organizations! At our upcoming event at Hosteling International on July 8th, we will be giving a short presentation on VINE’s mission, the importance of intersectionality, how to get involved (on-site and off-site).



At around 3:30 Sophie and a group of her friends (and pooches) made it down to the pond to participate in the walk!



Thank you to all the amazing folks who made it a priority to support a great organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of farm animals, you rock!

Not able to make it to this Hike or Bike for VINE? That’s OK! You still have time to get exercised for animals. take a stroll or bike ride by yourself or with friends until June 30th. Every donation counts, no matter how small. Organize your own Hike or Bike for VINE today!

Need encouragement, support, or have questions? Email me!

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