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Fine Dining for Farmed Animals

Now, while everyone is still riled up over HSUS’s unconscionable support for the horrific “Hoofin’ It” festival of lighthearted killing, might be a good time to mention that on September 7, in Boston, our friends at True Bistro will be hosting a night of the right kind of fine dining for farmed animals.

On that night, this vegan eatery will be donating 15% of its proceeds to help support the formerly farmed animals here at VINE Sanctuary. If you live in or near Boston, we hope you’ll come out for this event, which will allow you to support a local vegan business and support the sanctuary, all while enjoying fabulous food. Our Community Engagement Coordinator, Brandie, has been running around busily arranging for some sort of raffle, so there’s even more fun in store.

Half of the tables will be available for reservation and the other half first-come-first-served, so you can reserve your seat now by calling 617-627-9000 or just show up when you’re hungry. If you plan to come, feel free but not obliged to let us know here.

Don’t live in Boston? You might still be able to enjoy the fun of fine dining for farmed animals, and we actually need you to do so. As subscribers to our newsletter know, we are located in a rural region far from any city. That means we need our supporters in more populated areas to pitch in on fundraising.

Is there a vegan restaurant (or vegetarian restaurant that would be willing to go vegan for a night) in your town? If they choose a night when business would otherwise be slow, a night for VINE, with a portion of proceeds to be donated to the sanctuary, can be a win-win for everybody: The restaurant gets more business on that night, some of the customers may be first-timers who will return on other nights,  the sanctuary gets some much-needed funds, and the donation from the restaurant to the sanctuary is tax-deductible.

Brandie will be happy to walk you through the process, but here is a simple list of the steps:

  1. Call or visit the restaurant to raise the idea
  2. Work with the restaurant to choose a night
  3. Tell us the date so that we can publicize the event
  4. Use social media to invite your own circle to the event
  5. If you’re up for it, help publicize the event locally
  6. Bring VINE brochures to the event, so diners know who they’re helping
  7. Enjoy your own meal!


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