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Cooking with Real Vegans: Episode Two is Out!

Check it out! We made Leslie’s Lentil Dal. :-)

5 comments to Cooking with Real Vegans: Episode Two is Out!

    I recomend making the website better, because this episode never came up.
    hope to see you soon,
  • bravebird
    Thanks for the comment! Actually, the episodes aren’t posted on our site at present — they are on our blog, our Facebook page, and our YouTube channel. But this is a good idea and perhaps we will archive them on the website itself. :-)
  • How can I print ouit this lovely lentil recipe? Thanks for all you do!
  • bravebird
    ARGH — I had the whole thing typed into my computer and it’s GONE GONE GONE — are you able to pause the video and copy? I will keep searching — if I can get my hands on the recipe again I will totally send it to you — I feel like an idiot, but I just can’t find it. :-(

    Thanks for watching!!!

  • Eva
    Sorry about the previous comment, its working now.

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