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Let’s Make Some Mugs

Discarded junk, especially styrofoam cups and plastic coffee cup lids, represents a major threat to free-living animals. We’re always discouraged when we see trash cans full of such detritus at vegan or animal rights events.


So, we got an idea… what if VINE Sanctuary sold reusable travel mugs at events where we table? Then, we could help make those events more “green” while also raising a little money to help feed the animals at the sanctuary.

Great idea! But, to get the ball rolling, we have to buy the first set of mugs. That’s where you come in. We’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise the $327 we need to manufacture and deliver the first set of mugs. (Sales of those mugs will cover subsequent sets, which also will be less costly due to lower set-up costs.) You can help by pre-ordering a mug for yourself, or by donating a few dollars to cover the cost of a single mug. You can also help by sharing the link to the campaign with anyone you know who might be interested.

Please pitch in whatever you can, to help us prevent event-goers from pitching coffee cups in the trash can.

As a bonus, people who buy and use our mugs will be promoting kindness to farmed animals wherever they go. We’re hoping that, if asked about our logo, cup users will say, “let me tell you about a beautiful place in Vermont, where LGBTQ people care for formerly farmed animals…”


Approximate image of VINE travel mug

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