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Happy Belated Mother’s Day to Cows: The Cow Ribbon Campaign

It’s late, but I don’t see any reason why the Cow Ribbon Campaign should be a one day event. After all, if you really love your mother, you don’t just be nice to her one day a year. I’m going to keep my own words brief, and include the press release about this amazing campaign below, because the originators of the event say it best.

I will just ask that readers pay special attention to what Glenn says about the unavoidable cruelty even on “happy” organic farms. Cows, like human women, don’t just gush milk from their breasts. They, like human women, must bear a child in order to inspire their breasts to generate and give milk. And so, dairy cows are forcibly impregnated (yes, even on organic farms), which in human terms we call rape, so that they bear children.

But of course they can’t KEEP their children, because then the calves would drink all that milk we want for ourselves. So, the mothers are torn from their children the same day they are born. We would hear that sound in Maryland, living as we did just down the road from a small dairy operation. The crying went on for days; terrible, anguished, lonely crying.

And what happens to the babies? Female calves are eligible to enter the dairy industry themselves — including the organic milk industry — and so they are raised on formula. Male calves are almost useless, thanks to lowering veal consumption. So they are generally discarded (literally, as in thrown out like trash) unless they can miraculously be sold to a veal outfit or to folks who think it would be nice to have a cow in their backyard.

Yes, this happens on organic farms. How could it not? These are businesses. Their product is milk.  There is only one way to make cow’s milk, and only one way to get it: by raping and stealing from adult women of another species. Vermont is rife with images of happy, contented cows grazing on small family dairy farms (the darling child of the state). Every time we see one of them (the last time, in the “Activist Attic” in Brattleboro, an otherwise progressive place), we choke in disgust.

Buy a Cow Ribbon and support the Cow Ribbon Campaign every day. Because every day, millions of mothers are torn from their children so humans can steal their breast milk.


Wear a Cow Ribbon for Mother’s Day and expose the cruel dairy industry, animal activists say.

Liberation BC is asking animal lovers to wear a cow ribbon this Mother’s Day to raise awareness about the cruelty inherent in the dairy industry. Dairy cows endure the traumatic loss of a calf every year so that humans can take their milk.
The campaign includes a cow-print ribbon pin which can be purchased by donation from the campaign website ( as well as Mother’s Day cards, downloadable graphics, and flyers. The campaign website also has links to videos and stories about real stories of cows and calves rescued from the dairy industry.
The dairy cow must give birth every year in order to produce milk, and thus is artificially inseminated on an annual basis.  As
soon as a calf is born, the mother cow is forcibly separated from her baby and she is hooked up to a milking machine.  Dairy cows are known to bellow for days after losing their calves.  Female calves are raised to become dairy cows, while the males are sold to become veal or simply discarded. In the dairy industry, male calves are a byproduct and worth almost nothing. This is an unavoidable cruelty on even in the smallest organic farms.
“Every mother I know would give anything for her children, but we don’t think twice about tearing newborn calves away from their mothers and slaughtering them on the very day they are born so that we can eat a cup of yogurt,” says Glenn Gaetz, a director of Liberation BC. “Mother’s Day is the time when we honour motherhood. Wearing your cow ribbon is a great way to say that all mothers deserve to know their babies.”
From the campaign website:
“Dairy cows are symbolic representatives of all of the animal mothers whose lives and reproductive systems are manipulated by humans. The cow ribbon is a symbol of your concern for these suffering and abused mothers. Please take a stand and speak out for them.”
More information about the campaign can be found on the campaign website:

1 comment to Happy Belated Mother’s Day to Cows: The Cow Ribbon Campaign

  • Hi VINE! (I’m still so used to thinking of you as Eastern Shore Sanctuary.) Thanks for posting this. I agree completely that the Cow Ribbon campaign is one that can go all year long. The dairy industry is running scared here in Canada; they’ve got a new ad campaign imploring people to choose “real dairy” as opposed to those icky “frozen desserts”. Ha! Anyway, keep up the amazing work with our bird friends. :)

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