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UPDATE on VINE Happenings!

I am so sorry for the delayed blog! So much has been happening these days that it’s insane. Let me recap, in no particular order since that would take far too long. CHECK OUT ITEM TWELVE BECAUSE WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

1. Pattrice Jones just spent three weeks here on a writer’s retreat. I won’t tell you anything about her latest project, but it’s phenomenal. It was also just great to see her — it had been far too long.

2. The new barn is up, which included 22 concrete-set posts buried five feet deep, and the construction of a series of trussed hoops that ain’t going nowhere.

3. New culverts have been dug to help drainage up on the hill, and the duck pond has been tripled in size.

4. A run-in shed has been built on the hill that can hold up to 10 cows and horses.

5.A new chicken coop has been built down here in preparation for our complete re-organization.

6. Kimberly Roemer came for an entire week to help us with so many projects! She helped Aram put up one of the small hoops we are attaching to the coops here (giving chickens more grassy room in the winters, and a shaded place in the summers; she painted the inside of the new coop; she cleared out the inside of another coop we will be reactivating.

7. We had the top cut off the coop we are reactivating so that the structure is much lower, thus better able to hold heat in the winter.

8. We planted our summer’s garden, complete with a whole greens section for the chickens.

9. We filmed the third version of our cooking show with a very special guest chef! You will meet her as soon as we make the episode live.

10. We planned out the entire reorganization and have all of the fencing, gates, and posts we need on order; that work will be done within a couple of weeks.

11. We have planned to have the back pasture cleared, and a pipe installed to circulate the water from a flowing brook through the duck pond.

12. We have a Volunteer Day planned — June 18, 2011, from 10 AM to 3 PM — to clear the pasture of sticks so we can reseed; paint the coops up on the hill; and reseed if we have time.

13. We’ve been taking care of special-needs chickens who have bumblefoot, arthritis, and other ailments.

14. We took in a pigeon from New York.

15. We adopted 56 hens and 4 roosters (they were all supposed to be hens) from a “happy egg” place in Massachussetts.

16. We did our daily chores and worked our jobs. So, we are beat almost every night, but the day doesn’t end until about 9 PM these days, and one has to unwind! Which is what I”m going to do right now — so you all have a good night and I’ll be back soon!

5 comments to UPDATE on VINE Happenings!

  • Kimberly Roemer
    Man you are busy! I am humbled by your dedication and committment and hope to one day be half the advocate you are for the animals.
  • sandy

    item 12: If your dovecot is built by then, I’m suppose to be bringing a pigeon that weekend. If so, then I can definitely give some of my time to help. I may have one or two other people coming with me and I’m sure they would love to help out as well. I want to see the horses and cows too. This would make for a perfect day!!!

    sandy :)

  • bravebird
    Thank you for your very kind comments. :-) You too are a strong advocate for animals, and over time will find more and more ways to be one (as honestly is true for all of us).
  • bravebird
    Hey! It SHOULD be done by then, but if not, please do come and bring your bird! So far, so good in terms of crowding, and we would love to see you (and honestly we would love the help, for sure). And yes, you never met the cows and horses when you were here last, so that would be very good as well. :-)
  • Reading this blog and the comments makes me happy — but in the real meaning of the word happy, not like the “happy eggs” place from whence your new hens (and four roosters misidentified as hens) came. I’m glad they got out of the tornado’s way in time, if that’s the part of Massachusetts in which they lived.

    As you can see, I’m doing my best to avoid sentences ending in a preposition!

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