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VINE Survives Irene

This is pattrice here, signing on to say that I spoke with Miriam by phone Sunday evening, and she reports that everybody at VINE Sanctuary is okay in the wake of hurricane Irene. Whew! That’s good news.

Miriam was rushing to check out a mysterious sound followed by a power outage, so we didn’t speak long enough for her to detail any damages to sanctuary structures due to the high winds and heavy rain. We made it through one hurricane back on the Delmarva with just a few fences down due to fallen trees, so let’s hope for similar good luck this time around. (Either way, of course, contributions to the clean-up effort will be deeply appreciated.)

2 comments to VINE Survives Irene

  • catherine podojil

    Am reading about Vermont on Common Dreams, and am relieved to read from pattrice that as of last night you were okay. Hope that’s still true today for you and all other species. The Common Dreams piece didn’t locate the sites of the worst flooding. You’re in the southeast part of the state I think.

    I won’t mail the cat toys until later this week, in case the mail is still slow.

    Stay safe, everyone. Cathie

  • bravebird
    You are so sweet — thank you, we ended up being pretty much just fine after the storms, although, as you know, many people around us were not so lucky by far…. And thanks again about the cat toys. :-) No rush, truly.

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