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The message below is being sent upon the request of another AR group in 
Vermont  (which has just about NO animal rights presence) -- 
please support them if you can!


In honor of World Farm Animals' Day, Green Mountain Animal Defenders
has organized a fundraising walk in downtown Burlington, VT!

Sadly, over 65 billion land animals including cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens 
needlessly suffer and die every year. This event will not only raise awareness, 
but also raise funds to allow GMAD to more effectively respond to farmed 
animal cruelty and neglect cases.

Here is your invitation to join us:

or please select a Green Mountain Animal Defenders' walker to sponsor, 
or to make a donation *in ANY amount* since *every dollar helps*:


Some examples of our prior rescues: GMAD sponsored Rupert, a male calf 
who was destined to be slaughtered for veal, by funding his rescue from a 
neglectful situation and paying for his medical costs and transportation to 
his new home. We also rescued Cornflake the goat who was being neglected 
and mistreated. We are pleased to tell you she was able to live out the 
remainder of her life with love, proper food and sunshine on her face. 

The more people we have, the greater the impact! Email 
with your questions or for details on how to register, or call us at 802-861-3030!

*If you want to still get involved without walking in the event, 
we still need your help!*

**For the Animals,
Green Mountain Animal Defenders


  • Wen
    Are you walking? Can we sponser you?
  • bravebird
    I’m not, actually — we are busy each weekend with winter prep over here — but I’m sure Sharon at GMAD can give you a suggestion as to whom to sponsor — thank you!!
  • Hi there! I’m the volunteer coordinator for GMAD and we have a number of walkers who’d really benefit from a sponsor. Attached is the link to either make a general donation or to sponsor a specific volunteer. Katie Wilson has recently embraced vegetarianism and has not met her fundraising goal so I’m sure she’d be thrilled to have more sponsors. Please email me with any questions at Thanks!
  • Wen
    I just saw this today. Although the walk is over, the website still let me make a donation to Katie.
    I hope your walk was successful.
  • Brenna
    Thank you so much Wen! How very nice of you to support Katie … All the best, Brenna

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