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Apples and Chickens

A short post today to share a short thought. As most of you know, we recently relocated the sanctuary here to Vermont, and are lucky enough to have five apple trees and two peach trees on the property (not to mention 30 years of gardening by a master gardener who has left us with beauty beyond what we could have imagined or created ourselves). We ate and froze and gave away as many peaches as possible, and have been gathering apples as well, to eat as well as to freeze.

Of course the chickens have all eaten a bazillion peaches and apples, and to be honest, are rather sick of them both, especially the apples since they last longer in the season. But the dogs and humans are still quite happy to have them.

Take a look at a couple of pictures of our apples:

They are not grocery-store pretty. They are bumpy and not uniformly colored. But they are delicious and healthy, unlike many “picture-perfect” apples one can purchase.

They remind me of our rescued chickens. The layers sometimes never recover their feathers from their time in the factories. The fighters never grow back their combs, and often have a scraggly look that carries with them through the rest of their lives. Yet despite everything these birds have been through, they are healthy and happy. They are not picture-perfect pastoral samples of what humans have decided chickens should look like; what the catalogs promise with their bright and shiny pictures of chickens. Instead, they are who they are. Real.

Just like our apples. They are who they are sans human tampering (or at least on the other side of human tampering). It gives me the faintest glimmer of an imagined world in which humans aren’t inserting ourselves into every picture, and makes me have the faintest glimmer of hope that one day, this will be true again.

6 comments to Apples and Chickens

  • victoria figurelli
    When I read you story apples and chickens I think of Dottie rescued has never grown back her feathers on her neck. Even though she Looks funny, not as beautiful as some of my others I love her we have a special bond she talks to me and tells me when she needs to get to her nest box when free ranging.I have 15 chickens now no matter what they look like.. They will always be the apple of my eye.And yes they love to eat apples.
  • bravebird
    Dottie is a lucky person. :-)
  • victoria figurelli
    no I am lucky to have her
  • kk
    Got your address from L.C.
    Wow. I move turtles from the road. I love animals… Sounds like a great life. I have to admit I eat meat… not so much but I do. Vermont sounds great. I am uneducated when it comes to veganism… Its like your in another world…
    I guess Im trapped in this world… Its hard to escape……
    I did stop fishing alot though….
    Your world sounds heavy duty…
  • bravebird
    Well, when you think about it, everything new is a whole new world. :-) And you are only trapped if you believe you are trapped. Let us know if you would like help transitioning to a vegan diet, and we will be very happy to do so. :-) Thanks for writing!

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