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Write to the Burlington Free Press and Tell Them There is NO SUCH THING as “Humane Veal”

The sickness of humanity is nowhere more evident than in its justifications for such practices as veal production. It is one thing to stretch one’s mind to create a justification for stealing babies from their mothers and eating them shortly thereafter — it is another thing to actually believe it.

Last night, an article in the Burlington Free Press presents the “case” that Vermont farmers have made for “humane veal.” It’s one thing we’ve noticed about this state: there’s plenty of hypocrisy to go around, and, as usual, the hypocrites refuse to see their own hypocrisy.

Please read the article, and please write to the Burlington Free Press and explain to them why kidnapping and murdering babies might be human, but it sure as shit isn’t humane:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

10 comments to Write to the Burlington Free Press and Tell Them There is NO SUCH THING as “Humane Veal”

  • kirsten
    if ‘humanity’ means keeping a living being unaware of their impending death, the ‘showers’ at Auschwitz was a very thoughtful creation on the part of the Führer. Grow up, wake up, put some more thought into where you source your nutrition from and stop this madness.
  • CQ
    I’m not on FB, so I can’t comment there, sorry.

    The article, in my view, fits Hannah Arendt’s description of evil as banal.

    It’s as if the farmers are trying to convince themselves that they are good people despite the fact that they:

    ~ forcibly separate mothers and children who want to stay together
    ~ steal milk from mothers who want to feed it to their own tots
    ~ kill babies who want to live
    ~ confuse animate beings (he and she) with inanimate things (it)
    ~ pretend that their own chosen livelihoods take precedence over the calves, who aren’t given the choice to live
    ~ act like five months of eating grass or hay before being annihilated is better than not being bred at all

    … and so on.

    So many banal decisions. Including the banal slice of the knife at each precious throat.

    Bravebird, I resist to the hilt the notion that this is the man any of us are made or meant to be. If it were, we’d never be justified in feeling love or living justly or being at peace. Never. This “veal argument” and anything that smacks of such banal evil — or even blatant evil — must be a ludicrous delusion. :-)

  • bravebird
    Right on, Kirsten.
  • bravebird
    CQ, that’s so smart — I agree completely that this is an excellent example of the banality of evil. “So many banal decisions, including the banal slices of the knife at each precious throat.” Exactly. Although it is interesting to me, the ABILITY to wield the knife, the DESIRE to wield the knife.

    We can agree to disagree about what humans were meant to be. ;-)

  • Not only is there no such thing as humane veal… There’s no such thing as a humane glass of cow’s milk either… It’s discouraging what twisted pleasantries people will swallow to avoid reality. Truly sad.
  • deb enck
    I have been hearing this “humane veal” statement a lot lately. There is NOTHING HUMANE about slaughtering an innocent baby animal..I do not know what techniques are being used to raise these calves that anyone would consider humane. My understanding of the way veal is raised is one of the most abominable practices there could ever be in animal husbandry. I was born and raised on a working dairy,hog, chicken and crop farm. I know about needing to make a living and the need to pay bills..So I’m not one of those people who are out of touch with where their food comes from. That being said there is no excuse on this planet for the way farming is performed these days. There is no such thing as “humane veal.” Please, please stop lying to consumers.
  • bravebird
    It would be great to see a day when everyone agreed that paying bills was not worth hurting and/or murdering other people. Certainly, we get that when it comes to drug dealers — no one understands their need to pay the bills while they’re slinging crack, even though, in the end, that’s all they are doing. And so while I do agree with you that it is obscene to murder baby animals, it’s equally obscene to murder animals of any age, for any reason. What’s more, if we all stopped murdering and using animals tomorrow, farmers could still pay their bills — they could have jobs growing all the plants we would need to feed ourselves (instead of feeding animals whom we then murder to feed ourselves)…..
  • CQ
    Your response is copyable/savable/forwardable, bravebird. :-)

    Yes, they can either grow plants or perhaps work in some capacity for a soon-to-be-international giant, “Beyond Meat”:

    Jobs come and go. Empathy and integrity last.

  • bravebird
    You’re always so kind, CQ — and you are right about jobs for sure. How you say it is perfect: Jobs come and go. Empathy and integrity last.

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