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VINE Sanctuary Online

Just a quick post to alert our friends to a couple of online innovations here at VINE Sanctuary.

First, have you checked out our Facebook page or YouTube channel? Kathy updates our Facebook page almost every day, with pictures and news of the sanctuary residents living “up the hill.” And Cheryl keeps making cute videos of sanctuary events, such as the arrival of Harvey the calf  and the mystery of the ducks.

Next, watch this space for expanded blog coverage of everything VINE, in addition to the thoughtful (and sometimes challenging) commentary you’ve come to expect from this blog. To make sure you know who you’re hearing from, we’ve updated the blog so that each entry from now on will be signed by its author, with “bravebird” being the author of announcements coming from the sanctuary as an entity. We hope that this will help our supporters get to know the people as well as the animals here at VINE.


5 comments to VINE Sanctuary Online

  • CQ
    Not on FB, so glad you have YouTube alternative. Enjoyed watching parts 1 and 2 of new cows’ arrival, as well as Harvey’s entrance, emus Tikki (sp?) and Breeze, and the fine feathered friends. Speaking of the latter, what ever happened to the neighbor who threatened to shoot any and all intruding hens on his property? Did his bellicosity disappear? I hope!
  • miriam
    The neighbor has indeed retreated. We literally don’t speak (well, we did when he wanted me to move a snapping turtle across the road, since he couldn’t do it himself), and that suits all of us just fine. ;-) Thanks for asking!
  • karen rapallo
    To Vine I have posted a petition on the international care 2 website to save Bill and Lou. Please help me by circulating the petition. It is going around the world. I want to send you the link but I CANNOT FIND A CONTACT EMAIL FOR VINE.
  • miriam
    Karen, on behalf of Bill and Lou, we thank you! Our email address is
  • karen rapallo
    Just wondering if local TV stations in the are were contacted regarding Bill and Lou from Green Mountain College?? What about local papers?

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