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Interesting Article about Drought, Dairy “Farmers”

Interesting article here, posted to the AR News by Leilani Sanctuary.\

By interesting, I mean many things, particularly the assertion by the wife of one of these farmers that “we did everything right,” but the “system failed us” because (apparently) the government isn’t giving enough subsidies to these people. Dairy farmers aren’t given ENOUGH money by the government? Wow. How about tobacco farmers? Perhaps we should throw them some more money. And hey, how about those crack dealers? I’ve heard they’ve fallen on tough times.

This would, of course, feel very different if we were talking about something like tomatoes or oranges — some food that is not manifestly unhealthy for the humans who consume it, does not cause untold cruelty to the ones who are raped and mined to get it, and does not assist in the destruction of the natural environment. Tellingly, however, vegetable farmers are not eligible for subsidies from the government. That’s right. Just “farmers” of flesh and reproductive products get cash from Uncle Sam.

This makes the cries for more public assistance for dairy farmers even more utterly ridiculous — and problematic.

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