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Help Us Build a Pigeon Aviary!!!

As you know, we have been providing sanctuary to chickens and ducks for over ten years. What you may NOT know, however, is that for the past two years, we have also been offering a home to doves and pigeons who have been rescued from various situations.

In fact, we are currently caring for almost 45 doves and pigeons.

However, the need is so much greater than our current space will allow. To that end, we have decided to build a permanent indoor/outdoor aviary which will be able to house 50 pigeons (with room for expansion as time goes on).

Geographically, we are positioned very well for this endeavor, being only four hours from Manhattan; it’s no cliche that New York provides a home (for better or for worse) to millions of pigeons. When the “worse” kicks in — when pigeons are injured or get sick — there are some kind souls (such as those on the Pigeon People Yahoo group) who take them in and help them heal. Many pigeons can be released after they get better; indeed, that’s ideal. However, some will never fly again, or will need care for the balance of their lives.

Those are the pigeons who need a place to live, a sanctuary. Apartments in NYC are by and large not the answer, as tenants usually live in constant fear that they will be forced to “get rid of the birds.”

We can be a place for these birds! We have the land, we have the people-power, and we have the resources to feed and otherwise care for many more pigeons than we are at present.

In fact, we have recently constructed two aviaries (one indoor and one outdoor) for about 35 doves who were rescued from Queens after a wedding release debacle. However, what we lack is a shelter for pigeons numbering more than the ten or so we house in our current set-up.

We envision an indoor/outdoor arrangement which can serve as an all-year living space for the pigeons. We have the space, and we have the drive; we simply need the funds to build the structure.

About $2,500 should be plenty. Of course, that won’t feed the birds once they are here, but we will take care of that part (although donations will always be welcome).

If you can help, please scroll up, look to the left, and click on the link below where it says “FEED THE BIRDS!” Every dollar will help.

Once we have enough funds, construction can begin immediately, and so within a matter of weeks thereafter, we can begin to offer a home to pigeons in need.

Thanks, truly, for your help.

6 comments to Help Us Build a Pigeon Aviary!!!

  • I’ve got a soft spot for pigeons! Donated!
  • bravebird
    Becci, THANK YOU! We received your donation and will send a formal thank-you soon. :-)

    We are really looking forward to being able to say yes to more pigeons soon. :-)

  • Emilia Mykytiuk
    I am a street pigeon rescuer. and I hope you will be able to build a pigeon sanctuary
  • bravebird
    Thanks, Emilia! We are doing our very best to make it a reality. :-)) We will update everyone whenever it happens!
  • Sandy
    I also rescue pigeons and was wondering how plans are coming along for the pigeon aviary.
  • bravebird
    Thanks for asking! This blog is very outdated, in part because of all the work that’s been happening over here. To answer your question, it’s built! :-) So far, we’ve taken in about 15 new birds, and are holding up there for awhile to ensure everything goes well before taking in more. If you know of any pigeons in need of a home in the coming months, please email and we will help if we can.

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