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ACTION ALERT: Tell Victory Chicken: Stop Exploiting Birds!


The unfortunate fad known as the backyard bird phenomenon is moving in a predictable direction. People are throwing away roosters right and left (unwanted roosters). They are not caring for hens (hurting hens). And now, here come the profiteers wanting to rake in even more money off the backs of these perpetually exploited birds.

Victory Chicken: One Stop Shopping for All Your Bird Exploitation Needs

Victory Chicken is a small business serving the five boroughs of New York City where it’s legal to “keep” as many hens as one likes (but no roosters). In its own words, Victory Chicken exists “to bring the chicken back into everyday American life, where it belongs” (emphasis ours). To that end, Victory Chicken will sell anyone a total backyard bird package for $785, complete with coop, training manual, two months’ worth of food, and – oh yes – THREE HENS.

This company wants everyone in the country, apparently, to “keep” chickens, with no regard for the birds themselves. What are they doing with all those roosters who aren’t being sent to people? What happens when people neglect or abuse the chickens? How about when the chickens breed and produce – you guessed it – roosters? How can this possibly be a good idea?

Promoting Irresponsibility

According to Victory Chicken, birds don’t need to be fed every day, nor do they need fresh water more than every three days. They only need to have room to move about a few times a week, and in case you’re worried about cleaning that coop – well don’t worry! All you need is an hour a month and you’ll be fine.

FIVE MINUTES A DAY TO CARE FOR THREE HENS is what these people are advertising.

Really, Victory Chicken? This is a terribly irresponsible way to care for any animal. This version of “care” will lead to neglected, abused chickens, all for the sake of a few eggs and some misguided romantic notion of “keeping chickens.”

This is a Recipe for Cruelty

The answer to factory farmed eggs is not backyard birds. The answer is a plant-based diet. “Keeping” birds in one’s backyard is unnecessary and exploitative, not to mention cruel in many cases. Chickens are far more complex than people realize in terms of their needs and wants.

Call or email Victory Chicken and tell them to stop promoting animal abuse by selling chickens as if they are inanimate objects. Tell them the old-fashioned victory gardens should be growing vegetables, not chickens:

PHONE: 347-803-0777


And then get even MORE active! Start or join a community garden and grow some excellent, local VEGETABLES this coming spring!

5 comments to ACTION ALERT: Tell Victory Chicken: Stop Exploiting Birds!

  • It’s not bad enough that people “Keep” chickens in their back yards or on the roof in places like New York City. (What are they going to DO with them, anyway? They don’t lay eggs out of the blue!) But NOW—a company is actually formed to SELL people a “backyard bird package,” complete with hens (and where do the roosters go? Extra points for you to figure THAT out) with specific instructions as how to treat them badly and/or with neglect. How’d you like to buy a puppy or kitten from someone who makes his/her MONEY telling you how to hurt and abuse them? I think I’d like to keep those “Victory Chicken” founders in MY back yard, only let them move around a few times a week, only change their water every three days, and make them live in their own excrement for a month. And then, when I’m bored with them, the way people often get bored with chickens, I’d—well, you KNOW what people do to chickens, don’t you?
  • bravebird
    Les, it’s mind-boggling, for sure. The way you lay it out, it’s impossible to see how this is NOT a manual for ill-treatment. Shocking.
  • Barbara Beierl
    I have told Victory Chicken to stop exploiting chickens. I agree that they treat these creatures as objects. Their only concern is their profit margins! Barbara
  • victoria figurelli
    Are these people for real 5 minutes a day it takes me 3hrs a day I have backyard chickens and I love them I started with 3 and now I have 29 10 are from people who did not want them any more . Chickens are complex creatures talk about false advertizing but its all about the money isnt it. I Emailed Victory chickens
  • Catherine Podojil
    When I clicked on the link, I was told told the default mail client is not properly installed. I dearly hope this is because they got so many emails that the system crashed.

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