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Seize the (MLK) Day

VINE Sanctuary encourages its supporters to honor MLK Day with thought and action. For those who cannot participate in local events, we offer a videotaped lecture, which we hope will spark a conversation in the comments section. . . . → Read More: Seize the (MLK) Day

Connections in Advocacy Work


Writing from prison, activist Manuel Salas explains how he sees the connections between animal rights and other struggles against injustice. . . . → Read More: Connections in Advocacy Work

Bird is the Word

Today is International Respect for Chickens Day.

We wish we could be with United Poultry Concerns as they demonstrate at the White House and leaflet the springtime visitors to Washington, DC.

If you can’t join them, there are still things you can do today and through the month of May:

Ideas include leafleting on a . . . → Read More: Bird is the Word

New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?

If you are the sort to make New Year’s resolutions, which ones have you made that pertain to non-human animals? While it’s common to focus one’s efforts upon Improving Oneself (I will lose weight, I will read more, I will take an evening class), how about this year making at least one resolution that helps . . . → Read More: New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?

Tell Obama: Don’t Defend AETA

Sarahjane Blum with duck

Last week, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed suit against the Department of Justice on behalf of six animal advocates seeking to overturn the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). Among those activists is longtime friend of the sanctuary Sarahjane Blum. We feel very proud of her and the co-plaintiffs in Blum v Holder (as well . . . → Read More: Tell Obama: Don’t Defend AETA

In Defense of Actual Animals

The New York Times recently endorsed California’s Proposition 2,calling for all other states to enact similar legislation. The question of animal welfare legislation has become increasingly vexed within the animal advocacy movement. The seemingly intractable dispute between proponents and opponents of measures intended to increase the well-being of farmed animals has left many activists feeling . . . → Read More: In Defense of Actual Animals

Other Kinds of Bird Cages

Rats. Cats. Rabbits. Dogs.


These are the animals we imagine locked up in vivisection labs, subjected to hurtful and often perverse experiments the purpose of which — beyond the satisfaction of abstract curiosity — is often unclear. Cats and rabbits burned by noxious poisons. Rats purposely starved to death. Dogs trapped in cages with . . . → Read More: Other Kinds of Bird Cages

Seize the Day

Located in a rural region where the local poultry industry participates in the global economy by killing and cutting up more than a million chickens a day, the Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center is committed to the project of building a movement capable of catalyzing the worldwide changes in agriculture, trade, consumption, and attitudes . . . → Read More: Seize the Day