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Playtime for Bovines

Luna with her friend Princess a couple of weeks ago

Sometimes, cows just want to have fun. Two recent play sessions among survivors of severe trauma demonstrate the joys of sanctuary life. . . . → Read More: Playtime for Bovines

Wow, That’s a Lot of Cows!


Celebrate the arrival of the 40th cow in residence at VINE Sanctuary by meeting all of the beautiful bovines who forage in our forested pastures. . . . → Read More: Wow, That’s a Lot of Cows!

A Mother’s Day Challenge from VINE Sanctuary

Never allowed to nurture her own calves, Coco goes out of her way to be kind to the calves at the sanctuary

This Mother’s Day, talk to the non-vegan mothers in your life about “dairy” in a way that inspires them to feel empathy for cows. . . . → Read More: A Mother’s Day Challenge from VINE Sanctuary

Heart Trouble


Rosetta arrived at VINE in early 2012, one of a group of cows who barely survived starvation at a small Vermont farm where they had been exploited for “dairy” for at least ten years. By the time they were seized by authorities, one of their friends had starved to death. At VINE, Rosetta and her . . . → Read More: Heart Trouble

For Fennel, Forever


The staff of VINE Sanctuary invite our supporters to help us remember the cow called Fennel in a way that will be helpful to other animals. Please share your ideas! . . . → Read More: For Fennel, Forever

Turkey Day

“Turkey Day.” That’s what some people perversely call the day when diners gather greedily around tables laden with the dead bodies of big birds. “Anti-turkey Day” would be a more appropriate moniker for that “holiday.”

But we are having a true “Turkey Day” here at VINE Sanctuary today. Six young birds who jumped or fell . . . → Read More: Turkey Day

A Buddy in Need is a Buddy Indeed

Buddy and Nigel

I wish you could have seen it. I wish everybody could have seen it.

Last night, just before sundown, so the light was too dim for us to get pictures, the first of the cows from New Jersey arrived. (These are the five cows that became a Facebook cause when the people who had been . . . → Read More: A Buddy in Need is a Buddy Indeed

Party in the Barn!


It was like Romper Room in the barn at closing time last night. Just as I finished closing the coops, overseen by Thunder and Maxwell, the rest of the front pasture cows arrived, evidently attracted by the remnants of chicken feed I had tossed to the sheep.

How they “heard” about that all the way . . . → Read More: Party in the Barn!

Birdwatching Cows & Peacekeeping Geese

This morning, looking out my window, I saw the cows turn and trot toward… what? The sheep followed, at a distance, wondering what they were up to. I wondered too. Cows rarely run for no reason, especially not the elder and otherwise less-than-optimally-agile cows who are down here with us, rather than up in the . . . → Read More: Birdwatching Cows & Peacekeeping Geese

The Many Faces of Happy Meat

As a calf, Jasper was tied to a tractor and left to starve by a small-scale dairy farmer who had no economic use for him. Both factory farms and small-scale farms judge animals only according to their usefulness to people.

Locavores and ex-vegetarians alike seem to share some common misconceptions about locally-sourced animal products. For example, they seem to believe that the environmental waste associated with meat, dairy, and egg production will be lower on a small-scale farm than on a factory farm or CAFO (confined animal feeding operation). While CAFOs do pollute their local . . . → Read More: The Many Faces of Happy Meat