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Turkey Day

“Turkey Day.” That’s what some people perversely call the day when diners gather greedily around tables laden with the dead bodies of big birds. “Anti-turkey Day” would be a more appropriate moniker for that “holiday.”

But we are having a true “Turkey Day” here at VINE Sanctuary today. Six young birds who jumped or fell . . . → Read More: Turkey Day

Birdwatching Cows & Peacekeeping Geese

This morning, looking out my window, I saw the cows turn and trot toward… what? The sheep followed, at a distance, wondering what they were up to. I wondered too. Cows rarely run for no reason, especially not the elder and otherwise less-than-optimally-agile cows who are down here with us, rather than up in the . . . → Read More: Birdwatching Cows & Peacekeeping Geese