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Ready? Ready!


The duck called Ready was rescued from a bad situation in Baltimore, Vermont. She and several other birds had been closely confined by a man who sold duck and geese eggs from his backyard. Nearby lived another man who exploited animals: a backyard puppy mill from which dogs often escaped to attack the ducks and . . . → Read More: Ready? Ready!

My Summer at VINE Sanctuary


Have you ever worked so hard that you fell asleep in a duck coop? Made friends with a turkey? Observed the world from the point of view of a rooster? No? Then let our summer intern, Katie, tell you all about her weeks at the sanctuary. . . . → Read More: My Summer at VINE Sanctuary

Stalking Emus and Scaredy Cows

Coco-the-Boy and Lamby are best friends

The other morning, I glanced out my window to see calves bolting up a muddy driveway, glancing nervously over their shoulders at an emu. Observing the interactions of sanctuary residents with each other is one of the joys of sanctuary life.

Back when Miriam and I founded the chicken sanctuary that would grow up to . . . → Read More: Stalking Emus and Scaredy Cows

Ewe Helps Rooster Stay Out of the Snow


On the VINE Sanctuary Facebook page, we’ve often shared photos of chickens roosting on sheep and of sheep giving rides to roosters. Yesterday, I saw something that left no doubt in my mind that the sheep are willing and purposeful participants in these charming instances of interspecies cooperation.

Snow coats the ground here at VINE . . . → Read More: Ewe Helps Rooster Stay Out of the Snow