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Thirteen Years of “Queering Animal Liberation”

At the Resistance Ecology conference last weekend, during the Q&A following my lecture on “Queering Animal Liberation,” an audience member noted that our brochure identifies VINE as LGBTQ-run and wondered why we specify that. In short, it’s because we’re proud to have met the extra material and emotional challenges that being LGBTQ introduces to the . . . → Read More: Thirteen Years of “Queering Animal Liberation”

Pride Month Pledge Drive


On a hot June night in 1969, LGBTQ folk said “no” to state repression, fighting back against a police raid of the Stonewall Inn. The ensuing uprising, led by drag queens and street kids, ushered in a new, more radical, era of activism against homophobia. While earlier efforts, such as those organized by the Mattachine . . . → Read More: Pride Month Pledge Drive

“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re NOT going shopping!”

In the early 90s, activists associated with Queer Nation and other organizations that promoted LGBTQ liberation by means of nonviolent direct action sometimes stormed shopping malls chanting that slogan. Of course, our “kiss-ins” and exuberant expressions of non-conformity with gender norms were roundly condemned, both by homophobes and by liberals who claimed to be our . . . → Read More: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re NOT going shopping!”