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Bill and Lou, One Year Later

A year ago this week, the campaign to retire the oxen known as Bill and Lou to a sanctuary came to a crashing close as Green Mountain College announced that they had killed Lou. (Bill was given a temporary stay of execution but was required to remain at the campus where he had been worked . . . → Read More: Bill and Lou, One Year Later

Intersectionality and Animals

Here’s the video of my recent lecture, “Intersectionality in Theory and Practice” at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg last month. For those who don’t have the time or patience to watch a 90 minute lecture, I’ve recapped many of the key points below. You might also want to visit the “Intersections” section of . . . → Read More: Intersectionality and Animals

Roadside Abstractions


One recent Saturday afternoon, as I headed for the local Recycling Center en route to the annual used book sale for the town library, a bright cherry-red car sped toward me, sunlight glinting off its gleaming grill and polished hood. My jaw dropped —actually dropped— as the passenger deliberately tossed some trash out the window . . . → Read More: Roadside Abstractions

A Systems Approach to Agriculture Reform

Vegan and AR activists must map the path from animal agriculture to crop-based agriculture that will be better for everybody, including farmers and rural communities. . . . → Read More: A Systems Approach to Agriculture Reform

Strategic Thinking for Animal Liberation

This weekend, we will be participating in the Animal Systems Conference. Since we have long called for more strategic thinking and more attention to the interwoven social, economic, and material systems in which animal exploitation occurs, we are excited to participate in this meeting. Besides speaking and listening to other speakers, we’ll be staffing a . . . → Read More: Strategic Thinking for Animal Liberation

Don’t Bankroll Mayhem: Moooove Your Money Today

This week, Tar Sands Blockade calls for all of us to take direct action against TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

“Direct action” means any activity that directly interferes with the unjust or harmful practices you oppose (or directly assists a beneficial alternative). Direct action is often misunderstood to mean only splashy or illegal actions. In . . . → Read More: Don’t Bankroll Mayhem: Moooove Your Money Today

On the Road to Concord (A Report from New Hampshire)

It was standing room only at the hearing for NH HB110

On Tuesday, January 15, two VINE staffers, one VINE volunteer, and one friend of the sanctuary traveled to New Hampshire to attend the hearing on HB110. It was a sometimes surreal journey to a land where meat producers argue for animal protection legislation that animal advocates oppose. We call this report “On the Road to . . . → Read More: On the Road to Concord (A Report from New Hampshire)

Swine Flu = Bird Flu = Pandemic

People want to know, “Can I get swine flu from eating bacon?” Our answer should be, “Yes!” While swine flu is not transmitted by bacon or any other kind of meat, eating bacon, pork chops or even chicken wings creates the circumstances that lead these chimerical bird-pig-human viruses to evolve and flourish. . . . → Read More: Swine Flu = Bird Flu = Pandemic

Thanksgiving at the Sanctuary

We got some good news yesterday, via Mary Finelli at Farmed Animal Watch: High feed prices are, as we predicted in our Strategic Action Memo on the subject, driving down poultry industry profits.

The big publicly traded poultry companies – Tyson Foods, Sanderson Farms and Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. – have all seen their stock prices . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving at the Sanctuary

In Defense of Actual Animals

The New York Times recently endorsed California’s Proposition 2,calling for all other states to enact similar legislation. The question of animal welfare legislation has become increasingly vexed within the animal advocacy movement. The seemingly intractable dispute between proponents and opponents of measures intended to increase the well-being of farmed animals has left many activists feeling . . . → Read More: In Defense of Actual Animals