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Let’s Make Some Mugs


VINE Sanctuary needs you to help us make vegan and animal rights events more “green.” . . . → Read More: Let’s Make Some Mugs

Wow, That’s a Lot of Cows!


Celebrate the arrival of the 40th cow in residence at VINE Sanctuary by meeting all of the beautiful bovines who forage in our forested pastures. . . . → Read More: Wow, That’s a Lot of Cows!

Here We Go Again (Kaporos 2014 Action Alert)

Birds stacked in crates on a semi in Brooklyn right now

Yesterday, one activist was arrested for rescuing chickens who otherwise would have died of exposure in a crate on a street corner in Brooklyn. Another activist documented the deaths of hundreds of chickens, presumably from dehydration due to sitting in crates in the sun without access to water.

Birds stacked in crates on . . . → Read More: Here We Go Again (Kaporos 2014 Action Alert)

Are You Plant-Powered People?


VINE Sanctuary seeks submissions and contributions to its new zine, “Plant-Powered People: Voices from the Intersections.” . . . → Read More: Are You Plant-Powered People?

“My Father Shot Our Dog”


Some folks were shocked by the short, sharp punch delivered by Ray Rice to the head of his then-fiance, Janay Palmer. Others were stunned by the insouciance with which Rice knocked Palmer unconscious, the casual air with which he dragged her insentient body across the floor.

Not me. The only thing that shocks me . . . → Read More: “My Father Shot Our Dog”

The Continuing Crisis


Shelters and sanctuaries are flooded with homeless roosters due to the fad for backyard hen-keeping, which profits hatcheries at the expense of families. Find out what you can do to help. . . . → Read More: The Continuing Crisis

Food for Thought on Labor Day

Food Empowerment Project founder (and VINE board of directors member) lauren Ornelas has just posted a short Labor Day post on the Appetite for Justice blog.  Go read it now. Then, show her some love in the comments (on that blog, not this one), so she won’t feel awkward about so bravely disclosing her . . . → Read More: Food for Thought on Labor Day

Fine Dining for Farmed Animals

When vegan restaurants support farmed animal sanctuaries, it’s win-win for everybody! On September 7 in Boston, True Bistro will host a “Night for VINE.” You can support the sanctuary by asking a vegan restaurant in your town to do the same. . . . → Read More: Fine Dining for Farmed Animals

An Open Invitation to Wayne Pacelle


Let us use our skills at care-taking and creative problem-solving in ethically complex situations to help you see how HSUS can lead the way to a healthy, plant-based agricultural economy. . . . → Read More: An Open Invitation to Wayne Pacelle

An Open Letter to HSUS Staff Members


VINE cofounder pattrice jones urges staff members of the Humane Society of the United States to speak up within the organization in order to break the institutional consensus that has led the farmed animal division to sponsor a festival of animal killing. . . . → Read More: An Open Letter to HSUS Staff Members