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Now’s the Time (Time is Now)


Now’s the time for animal advocates to bring animal concerns into progressive conversations… and also to educate themselves about progressive ideas, such as restorative justice. . . . → Read More: Now’s the Time (Time is Now)

A Day in the Life (Then)


As part of our 15th anniversary celebrations, let’s take a look at a day in the life of the sanctuary, then and now. Here’s an hour-by-hour account of October 13th, 2000 at what was then called the Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary, the small bird refuge that has since grown up to be VINE Sanctuary. . . . → Read More: A Day in the Life (Then)

The Power of Grassroots Movements

VINE Sanctuary cofounder pattrice jones asks animal rights activists to reflect on three words: power, grassroots, and (most importantly) movement. . . . → Read More: The Power of Grassroots Movements

From Egg Factory to Sanctuary

This hollow of another tree, which the hens had to jump up into, was another popular spot.

In this story from the very first year of our sanctuary, egg factory survivors Fanny, Scout, and Simone regrow their feathers while reveling in the freedom and safety offered by the sanctuary. . . . → Read More: From Egg Factory to Sanctuary

Stalking Emus and Scaredy Cows

Coco-the-Boy and Lamby are best friends

The other morning, I glanced out my window to see calves bolting up a muddy driveway, glancing nervously over their shoulders at an emu. Observing the interactions of sanctuary residents with each other is one of the joys of sanctuary life.

Back when Miriam and I founded the chicken sanctuary that would grow up . . . → Read More: Stalking Emus and Scaredy Cows

A Farewell to X-Man


Is it possible for a rooster and a human to be friends? VINE Sanctuary’s avian health care specialist Danielle says YES with all her heart. . . . → Read More: A Farewell to X-Man

Wordwide Vegan Bake Sale: Get Ready To #BakeForVINE!


Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale season is here! Join us and host a bake sale to support VINE Sanctuary between April 25th and May 3rd, 2015 in your town or community. This is a global event spanning 6 continents that has raised over $300k for a variety of causes.

We have many expenses here at . . . → Read More: Wordwide Vegan Bake Sale: Get Ready To #BakeForVINE!

How Can Six People Take Care of 500 Animals?

Dot's daily "snow cone" doesn't technically count as a required special meal, but we are happy to give it to her anyway

A look behind the scenes at VINE Sanctuary, . . . → Read More: How Can Six People Take Care of 500 Animals?

“Everybody Is Someplace”


Here’s a way to remember the factors to keep in mind when crafting activist strategies within an ecological framework that takes intersectionality into account. . . . → Read More: “Everybody Is Someplace”

Speaking of Seeds…

VINE is ready to send out tendrils in a new direction, more widely dispersing seeds of change while simultaneously helping to fund our educational projects. We need “seed money” for our latest offshoot: VINE Press.

With over 500 animals in residence here at the sanctuary, our direct care costs are so high that we . . . → Read More: Speaking of Seeds…