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Report from Abroad


“Kind of a long shot.” That was the subject line of an email message from Barcelona, wondering whether I could come to speak at a conference to be organized by an ad-hoc coalition of radical animal liberation activists. I wrote back to say that I’d be delighted to participate but could not countenance the . . . → Read More: Report from Abroad

Meet Sharkey


Sharkey came to VINE Sanctuary as one of a group of roosters seized by authorities from a cockfighting ring. While roosters who have been used in cockfighting do have to learn not to attack other birds, most do not object to being handled by people. There are always exceptions to this rule, however. Every . . . → Read More: Meet Sharkey


Here's a flyer you can print yourself... just click for full-size

Participating in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale is a fun way to raise funds for the animals at VINE Sanctuary while demonstrating the deliciousness of veganism. . . . → Read More: Get BAKED for VINE

Effective Activism

This past weekend, I did a quick Q&A session on “Effective Activism” at the Northampton VegFest. Since I was free-styling in response to questions, I can’t give a coherent talk summary, but here are a few points that are maybe worth repeating.

First, set aside any notion that there is only one way to . . . → Read More: Effective Activism

Commodities and Cages


Speciesism has been “the bedrock of all inequality” says sociologist Nancy Heitzeg, who explains and illustrates how human supremacy leads to social injustice, calling for an end to the captivity and commodification of any animal, human or otherwise. . . . → Read More: Commodities and Cages

Conjunction Junction (That’s Our Function)

Two lectures by VINE Sanctuary cofounder pattrice jones approach intersections between speciesism and other forms of oppression from different angles. . . . → Read More: Conjunction Junction (That’s Our Function)

Pigeons and Horses at the Intersection of Oppressions

While there are enough nests for each bird to have his or her own, they often choose to pair up.

The cruel “sports” of pigeon racing and horse fighting reflect both sexism and speciesism, says author Mark Hawthorne, who calls on animal advocates to challenge all systems of domination and control. . . . → Read More: Pigeons and Horses at the Intersection of Oppressions

Dangerous Intersections at Sochi — An Olympian Speaks Out


Olympic history-making skier Seba Johnson sees connections between animal abuse and homophobia at the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi. . . . → Read More: Dangerous Intersections at Sochi — An Olympian Speaks Out

Ewe Helps Rooster Stay Out of the Snow


On the VINE Sanctuary Facebook page, we’ve often shared photos of chickens roosting on sheep and of sheep giving rides to roosters. Yesterday, I saw something that left no doubt in my mind that the sheep are willing and purposeful participants in these charming instances of interspecies cooperation.

Snow coats the ground here at . . . → Read More: Ewe Helps Rooster Stay Out of the Snow

It’s Time (Again) for Valentines from VINE


Again this year, VINE Sanctuary staff, supporters, and volunteers will gather on February 14 to write cards and letters to imprisoned activists and to inmates who have become vegan while incarcerated. And again we invite you to join us, in person or virtually, as we send some sweetness to prisoners on Valentine’s Day.

If . . . → Read More: It’s Time (Again) for Valentines from VINE