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How Can Six People Take Care of 500 Animals?

Dot's daily "snow cone" doesn't technically count as a required special meal, but we are happy to give it to her anyway

A look behind the scenes at VINE Sanctuary, . . . → Read More: How Can Six People Take Care of 500 Animals?

“Everybody Is Someplace”


Here’s a way to remember the factors to keep in mind when crafting activist strategies within an ecological framework that takes intersectionality into account. . . . → Read More: “Everybody Is Someplace”

Speaking of Seeds…

VINE is ready to send out tendrils in a new direction, more widely dispersing seeds of change while simultaneously helping to fund our educational projects. We need “seed money” for our latest offshoot: VINE Press.

With over 500 animals in residence here at the sanctuary, our direct care costs are so high that we . . . → Read More: Speaking of Seeds…

Faith in a Seed


The other day, Miriam and I stopped by the feedstore. She picked out a new water trough while I grabbed a better pair of ice spikes for my boots. While waiting for the trough to be loaded into the pickup truck, I espied a seed packet display and couldn’t resist picking up a few packets . . . → Read More: Faith in a Seed

Snowed In? Reach Out!


Here in New England, we’re running out of room for all of the snow. Here at VINE Sanctuary, mounds of plowed and shoveled snow line the increasingly narrow paths and driveways, making them seem like tunnels. Some days, we’re literally snowed in, unable to navigate either our own steep driveway or the icy roads . . . → Read More: Snowed In? Reach Out!

The First Bird

The other co-founder of VINE Sanctuary

Why did the chicken cross the road? To start a sanctuary, of course! . . . → Read More: The First Bird

Poll of LGBTQ Animal Lovers


Welcome to the VINE Sanctuary poll of animal-friendly LGBTQ people. VINE is an LGBTQ-run farmed animal sanctuary that has worked to build bridges between the animal advocacy and LGBTQ liberation movements. By taking this poll, you will be helping us to learn more and to adjust our priorities and strategies accordingly.

This is a . . . → Read More: Poll of LGBTQ Animal Lovers

Playtime for Bovines

Luna with her friend Princess a couple of weeks ago

Sometimes, cows just want to have fun. Two recent play sessions among survivors of severe trauma demonstrate the joys of sanctuary life. . . . → Read More: Playtime for Bovines

Take the “Icy Buckets” Challenge Today


Take the Icy Buckets Challenge to see if you have what it takes to work at an animal sanctuary in snowy Vermont. . . . → Read More: Take the “Icy Buckets” Challenge Today



Sometimes coming home is the best part of the trip. I’ve just returned from a two-week writing retreat, and this gave me the opportunity to see the sanctuary with fresh eyes.

I went out to the barn just as Cheryl and TJ were unloading the pick-up truck after the weekly run to the feed . . . → Read More: Homecoming