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Running a Sanctuary


Here’s a recap of the panel on Running a Sanctuary at AR2015, including an in-depth account of our cofounder’s remarks about the ethical and emotional challenges of sanctuary work, along with summaries of the other presentations and ensuing discussion about micro-sanctuaries. . . . → Read More: Running a Sanctuary

We’re Hiring!

VINE Sanctuary seeks a new member for our on-site animal care team. Please help us find the right person by sharing the job description widely. . . . → Read More: We’re Hiring!

Fair Week


County fair season provokes painful memories for a former 4-H and FFA participant who now works at a farmed animal sanctuary. . . . → Read More: Fair Week

Requiem for a Rare Bird

seagull - Version 2

VINE Sanctuary invites our extended community to remember and honor the spirit of a true rare bird, a courageous duck called Seagull who crossed species boundaries to promote peace. . . . → Read More: Requiem for a Rare Bird

Irked by Black Lives Matter? Here’s What to Do.

The cofounder of a farmed animal sanctuary challenges other vegans to stand down if they can’t act right about race. . . . → Read More: Irked by Black Lives Matter? Here’s What to Do.

All About Atticus


Harper Lee’s new novel, Go Set a Watchman, raises important questions for animal advocates. . . . → Read More: All About Atticus

Party in the Pasture!

The back pasture crew will appreciate all the hard work!

VINE Sanctuary invites you to “party in the pasture” with us, joining our crew for a fun day of work and play. . . . → Read More: Party in the Pasture!

What We Can Learn from Tobacco Companies

As the New York Times reports today, “Three years ago, Ukraine filed an international legal challenge against Australia, over Australia’s right to enact antismoking laws on its own soil.”

What does an arcane lawsuit filed by one country against another country about tobacco have to do with animal advocacy here in the United States? Everything!

. . . → Read More: What We Can Learn from Tobacco Companies

Call for Contributions to New Anthology

VINE Press invites proposals for contributions to a forthcoming anthology, tentatively entitled “Queering Animal Liberation.” Please read and share this important announcement! . . . → Read More: Call for Contributions to New Anthology

Fatherhood, Diversity & Animal Families


A Father’s Day reflection on the diversity of family structures among human and nonhuman animals. . . . → Read More: Fatherhood, Diversity & Animal Families