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Go Postal for Chickens

Thank Animal Acres for rescuing these birds by taking a moment to let the postal service know it’s not okay to treat animals like packages. Click the link for the whole story, including pictures of the surviving birds.
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Animal Services in Oakland, California took custody of hundreds of one-day old chicks who had been shipped from a Santa Cruz hatchery for a destination in Washington State. The agency was alerted when the Oakland Airport Postal Service discovered dying and dead chicks in five boxes

Neither the hatchery, nor any other agency, was charged with cruelty to animals because shipping chicks through the postal service is common practice, and legal. Each year millions of chicks are shipped through the mail, without food, water or proper housing, and as a result, large numbers suffer and die
Please write to the Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service, to encourage the agency to stop the cruel and inhumane practice of “mailing” live animals. Send letters to:
The Honorable John E. Potter
Postmaster General & CEO
U.S. Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, DC 20260-1000

Fax: (202) 268-5211
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2 comments to Go Postal for Chickens

  • Charlotte
    Thank you for this concrete way to make a difference. I used to think letters didn’t do any good at all, but certainly they do more good than many other so-called actions, and it really is true that governmental bodies and corporations care about what their constituents and customers think….
  • bravebird
    It’s true that the efficacy of letter writing is sometimes exaggerated. But, in this case, I believe that there is some chance of success as the business interests in question are not particularly powerful.

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