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Rooster Rehab on YouTube

Earlier this year, the Eastern Shore Sanctuary welcomed a small number of roosters and hens who had been confiscated from a squalid hole-in-the-wall where they had been held for purposes of cockfighting and, in the case of the hens, breeding. The local Humane Society that took in the birds and placed them with us made a very moving video of their journey. Watch it here. For more information about cockfighting and our methods of rehabilitating former fighters, visit the rooster rehab page on our website.

Former fighter

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2 comments to Rooster Rehab on YouTube

  • b
    That is such a nice video! For purely selfish reasons in addition to all the neat work y’all will be able to do in VT, I’m really excited you’ll be closer to Massachusetts. When I’m back in Boston more permanently, I really hope I can come visit the new space. Very, very cool.
  • […] It worked. (Read all about it here.) Since then, we’ve rehabbed many former fighters and convinced other sanctuaries to be more generous in offering homes to roosters. Now, more and more local authorities seek to place confiscated roosters in sanctuaries rather than killing them automatically. (See the story — including video — of the latest former fighters to come to the sanctuary here.) […]

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