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Bye Bye Blackbirds

This just in:

“Thousands of dead blackbirds rained down on a town in central Arkansas last New Year’s Eve after revelers set off fireworks that spooked them from their roost, and officials were reporting a similar occurrence Saturday as 2012 approached.”

That’s right: After finding thousands of dead bird bodies in the street last New Year’s Day, the good citizens of Arkansas responded by… setting off fireworks again last night. Dead birds rained down onto the streets again. Happy new year, everybody!

Seriously: If people cannot bring themselves to give up a frivolous pleasure like fireworks, how can we hope to provoke them to behave less dangerously and selfishly when it comes to the more substantial changes animals and the planet need them to make?

Anybody? Anybody?

8 comments to Bye Bye Blackbirds

  • Dian Hardy
    No wonder we fall into despair at the state of the world! The only recourse is to keep moving forward by deepening our dedication and bearing witness as best we can. It’s a blind spot in our compassion, possibly in our DNA. Yours is the question we must all answer in order to continue. Thank you.
  • I know! This barrage of bomb blasts over my head is my issue too!

    I live less than a half mile away from a Legoland park. Nightly six days before New Years the sky lit up with explosions for 15 minutes. This park is located among many lakes with countless roosting birds and rookeries… There are the other mammals that live within the woods surrounding the place – If how my companion animals reacted, is any indication of the terror and fear of those who live in the wild experience – It must have been devastating.

    Of course I called and emailed to complain that this was an intrusion on the whole community. But just like the lousy neighbors that they’re proving to be… They excused their trespass by affirming they had a permit from the county. :/ The county just might as well given them “permission” to reign gun-fire on my street!

    I have no problem with people wanting to celebrate and be happy… Seems like the investment of silent, laser light shows might be a step in the right direction.

    I’m sorry for the blackbirds… And all the raccoons, squirrels, opossum, deer, gators and all the other critters that are forced to put up with our juvenile, thoughtless misdeeds.

    But it’s true… If they are reluctant in doing without such petty little pleasures — It’s an uphill battle getting them to respond accordingly to other issues of major consequence. (sigh…)

  • bravebird
    Fireworks are a part of the sanctuary story too. Back in 1999, Miriam and I (pattrice) were living in a neighborhood in Ypsilanti, Michigan where the sale of “4th of July” fireworks started just after Memorial Day and continued into the summer. And so, folks would start setting off fireworks in nearby streets sometime in June, escalate steadily until the big barrage on the Fourth, and then taper off through August. Fireworks and gunfire both were heavy on New Year’s Eve. All of that really scared the dogs!

    That was one “push” that led us to move to the country… accidentally landing in the place where factory farming began… where we found a chicken in a roadside ditch… and the rest is history.

    All of which is to say, Bea, that we can empathize. I wonder what those fireworks will provoke you to do.

  • Thanks for sharing that fascinating story illustrating how fate often leads us somewhere that we ought to have been all along! That knowing Viktor opened your awareness gives his short, sweet life all the more meaning… Liz was the one for me, who made me understand the twisted cruelties in the breeding of these “meat” birds. She lived less than a year: She was a treasure!

    Regarding the fireworks (and other negatives of living in a “neighborhood”) – In my mind many times, I’m back on the 7 acres that I came from 10 years ago… Oddly, it was moving from there and being less isolated that prompted my awareness. If I knew then – what I know now… I’d have a sanctuary story to tell too! But, that wasn’t how things worked out so now I’m at the mercy of “new codes” for keeping (pet) chickens; Neighbors who don’t like my trees; And an assortment of other intruding “pests” of the human kind. :/

    For now I verbally protest. I think the editors at my paper have my letters on a permanent “spam” list… It’s not easy being a round peg in a square world – But you know that! I’m glad your journey has lead you towards finding a physical place of protection, and a place to heal from the rest. And we who are somewhat city “trapped”, are thankful for the respite your posts at Vine Sanctuary offer to us… I’ve become a master at vicarious living! ;)

  • bravebird
    Bea, that video brought tears to my eyes, reminding me of birds I have known. Thank you for making and sharing it.
  • Yes – there’s a little bit of Viktor and Liz in every bird… If people only knew. :/
  • This is really sad and is it only me starting to think we are becoming a bit selfish just not bothered about what ever happens to the other species in our planet. It is really sad why people do not feel like protecting other species and let them live on this planet with freedom. I do know it is just so painful when I think people are damaging to our environment….
  • bravebird
    Painful indeed. Incredibly painful.

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