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New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?

If you are the sort to make New Year’s resolutions, which ones have you made that pertain to non-human animals? While it’s common to focus one’s efforts upon Improving Oneself (I will lose weight, I will read more, I will take an evening class), how about this year making at least one resolution that helps the animals?

My ten-year-old niece, for example, decided that she would become vegan for her New Year’s resolution. She was already vegetarian, and, after much thought, realized that it was hypocritical to rant and rave against people who ate chickens when her consumption of milk was causing just as much harm. So, she’s going for it, and I’m very proud of her. She even launched a new website!

So, if you have any resolutions that concern animals, please share! (For the record, mine is to further reduce my use of plastic, a material that causes untold harm to millions of animals.)

For the animals,


6 comments to New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?

  • CQ
    Sorta resolution: Find a source of fruits and veggies grown veganically, not just organically. If anyone has tips on where to locate such products, I’d love to know.

    Eva, I adore your website. I read the whole thing, and I sent the Trader Joe’s vegan foods list to my friend in California who shops there, who recently went vegan just like you, and who just last night was asking me about recipes. She’ll be in 7th heaven when she reads that list. Thanks so much for supplying it!

    I couldn’t find a place to contact you on your website, Eva. If I wanted to say something privately to you, how would I do so? I should be able to find your Aunt Miriam’s email addy somewhere, right?

    Or you can write to me at my website…. you might like the photos of animals on it. And maybe you’ll find some quotes about animals that you like.


  • bravebird
    Thanks! I sent your message to Eva. :-) And oy — I have no idea how to find such produce — perhaps ask around at your local farms? I think that’s an excellent resolution, though….
  • The only resolution I ever kept was made a decade ago… To make no more “resolutions”. I try to jump on what issues present them self – At random. Alas, maybe I’m not pushing hard enough — Or I can look forward to attempted self-improvements year round. (?)

    Either way – A Happy New Year to you and yours!

  • Eva
    I like how you blogged about me!! :)
  • bravebird
    Well, I am very proud of you! All the time. :-)
  • bravebird
    No, that’s smart — when things come up, you jump on them — I think that’s ideal. :-)

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