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Support the Cow Ribbon Campaign This Mother’s Day: Stop Using Cow’s Milk!

Humans are good at living in our symbolic realities, even when they directly contradict the real world. This is extremely well symbolized by the fact that we idealize the concept of motherhood, even while we treat our own mothers like shit. I’m not talking about abusive mothers; I’m not talking about mothers who never mothered. I’m talking about most people with their regular mothers, and how they take them for granted (or worse), all while mouthing their devotion to motherhood.

And yet the way we treat our human mothers is far better than the way we treat cow mothers in the dairy industry. Whether it’s a so-called humane farm or not, behind every glass of milk is a baby snatched from its mother. We can’t allow cows to keep their children, because then we couldn’t take their milk. The girl babies are taken and prepared to repeat their mothers’ destinies, and the boy babies are either taken to veal farms or murdered outright. Their mothers cry for days and days; if you’ve never heard that sound, you have no idea of the depth of grief contained in those cries.

This Mother’s Day, Liberation BC is sponsoring their third annual Cow Ribbon Campaign. I’ll stop writing and let you read their words. I’ll just urge that you remember all the mothers of the world this Mother’s Day, and end the hypocrisy.

Why a cow ribbon?

What would it be like to lose all of your children, one after the other? What would it be like to never know your children?

In order to produce milk, cows must give birth – just like other mammals. In the dairy industry, calves are taken from their mothers immediately after birth, an emotionally painful experience.

Mother cows bellow for days for their missing calf before they finally give up.

Mothering instincts are incredibly strong, just like with mothers of other species, including humans. New born male calves sent the the slaughterhouse are seen suckling the hands of the slaughterhouse worker before their throats are slit.

Dairy cows are symbolic representatives of all of the animal mothers whose lives and reproductive systems are manipulated by humans.

The cow ribbon is a symbol of your concern for these suffering and abused mothers. Please take a stand and speak out for them. Every mother deserves to know and love her children, don’t you think?

Get your ribbon now!

7 comments to Support the Cow Ribbon Campaign This Mother’s Day: Stop Using Cow’s Milk!

  • Nita
    oh, bravebird, you are bucking such a deeply entrenched system that parents in the US who refuse to give their children cow’s milk are questioned extensively and may even be reported to social services, even if the child is otherwise healthy. We have let the dairy industry convince us that human children do well on milk intended for cow children, when the opposite is quite true. Everything from the food pyramid to school lunch content is bought and paid for by the dairy industry…….one of my particular soapboxes.
  • Susan
    Thank you for tackling this very underreported, sad situation. Most people have no clue about where their food comes fro, or the suffering that its sources endure in a myriad of ways. Humans were never meant to consume the milk of another mammal; we are meant to start our lives with nourishment from our own mothers (take that, baby formula companies!!!), and then move on. Cow’s milk is for baby cows — period. Humans do not need it for calcium; there are a host of other ways to ingest that, including from plant sources.

    I suspect that if children realized what their beloved picture-book farm animals really endure, not one of them would ever again touch a glass of milk.

  • bravebird
    Nita, you are so right — it’s a stunning example of how powerful industry can be, in combination with equally powerful “tradition.” I mean, when you think about it, the ABSURDITY of milk is crystal clear. Let’s pretend that cow’s milk is a new product, and drinking it is a brand new idea — how is someone going to sell that? Hey, people, let’s drink the BABY JUICE from the mammary glands of another species, and not just while we are babies ourselves, but ALL OUR LIVES! I suspect that the ick factor would get people long before any questions of ethics came up. It’s simply stunning, this combination of profit playing on tradition. And all the while, millions of cows are in the background losing their children, living lives filled with grief, pain, and trauma, their movement limited to (usually) tiny stalls, and of course eventually they have murder to look forward to when they are of no more use to humans.
  • bravebird
    Susan, you’re so right — and in fact, the calcium from milk isn’t very easily digested by humans — not like calcium from kale, spinach, chard, and other sources. Moreover, evolutionarily speaking, it simply CANNOT be a good source of calcium — getting calcium from the baby food of another species? Really? What kind of sense does that make, on any level?

    And I’m glad you stress the baby factor again — I don’t know what I think about human children and what they would or would not do, but I do know that cow children hover behind every piece of cheese or glass of milk — whenever someone proudly asserts they don’t eat veal but could never give up their cheese, I remind them that in every bite of cheese IS a veal calf. If you eat dairy, you are eating veal. Every single bite, every sip of milk, every pat of butter contains some part of a baby boy who is now languishing in a veal crate, waiting for the knife to slit his throat — quite often while he’s trying to suckle the hand that holds the blade. Sick sick sick sick sick.

  • Thank you so much for covering our campaign! We love you guys!
  • bravebird
    LIKEWISE!!!!! That’s for all the work you do, on behalf of those who can’t say it to you directly.
  • balaji
    People have to watch “Diet for a new america” and “Forks over Knives” to understand the dangers of animal protein. I would also like to stress the importance of B12 through supplements once they get off dairy products.

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