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New Roosters and Hens Settling in GREAT!

It’s been almost a week now and the cacophony is KINDA SORTA calming down. :-)

Yes, I’m referring to the crowing of the 23 roosters from Farm Sanctuary in combination with the crowing of the roosters who were already here, all of whom seem to set each other off. No wonder these guys are crowing up a storm! One day they’re scratching about in familiar dirt; the next day they are loaded onto a metal truck and plopped down in a new coop. How crazy is that? ;-)

But as with all of us, they are learning to adapt. It’s fall here in Vermont, of course, which means lots of falling leaves (their yard has lots of trees mixed in with some open areas), so they are having to get used to things falling upon them from the sky. They are having to get used to new smells, new tastes, new everything. But of course they have each other, and that’s been a big help I’m sure. I’m sure the roosters remaining at Farm Sanctuary are missing their brothers, but I’m also sure they too will learn to adapt, and in the end, as always, the hope is that the change is for their benefit.

Not wanting to forget the hens of COURSE! Four hens came with their friend Smokey the rooster at the same time. After a bit of hen-fighting (yes, it does happen) with some of the hens here, they calmed down. It seems that hens adapt much more quickly than roosters; Smokey is still getting used to not being the only boy. But he’s getting there. :-)

If you’re a Facebook person, check out some photos of the new arrivals — yes, we have a new Facebook page! The pics will be uploaded in a couple-few days at most.

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