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The Curious Case of the Doubly Endangered Chimps


Chimps held captive at a research lab associated with a US college have gained protection under the Endangered Species Act but now face a new threat in the college’s threat to ship them to a zoo in the UK. Read on to learn what you can do to help bring those chimps to a sanctuary . . . → Read More: The Curious Case of the Doubly Endangered Chimps

What You Can Do to End the Conspiracy Against Vegan Mayo

Last week, vegan mayo broke into the news, thanks to a FOIA request that proved that a taxpayer-funded agency has been colluding with the egg industry to try to crush a new and popular sandwich spread made right here in the USA. That’s right: The U.S. government is trying to crush a U.S. business… because . . . → Read More: What You Can Do to End the Conspiracy Against Vegan Mayo

The Power of Grassroots Movements

VINE Sanctuary cofounder pattrice jones asks animal rights activists to reflect on three words: power, grassroots, and (most importantly) movement. . . . → Read More: The Power of Grassroots Movements

“Everybody Is Someplace”


Here’s a way to remember the factors to keep in mind when crafting activist strategies within an ecological framework that takes intersectionality into account. . . . → Read More: “Everybody Is Someplace”

Here We Go Again (Kaporos 2014 Action Alert)

Birds stacked in crates on a semi in Brooklyn right now

Yesterday, one activist was arrested for rescuing chickens who otherwise would have died of exposure in a crate on a street corner in Brooklyn. Another activist documented the deaths of hundreds of chickens, presumably from dehydration due to sitting in crates in the sun without access to water.

Birds stacked in crates on a . . . → Read More: Here We Go Again (Kaporos 2014 Action Alert)

Third Time’s a Charm: My Path to Veganism

Brandie protesting fur with MARC in Downtown Crossing, Boston.

From economic and health obstacles to building vegan community, Brandie shares the story of the path that began when she discovered the word “vegan” at age 14. . . . → Read More: Third Time’s a Charm: My Path to Veganism

V is for Activism


VINE Sanctuary’s new Community Engagement Coordinator introduces herself and explains why VINE’s intersectional approach to animal liberation is so important to her. . . . → Read More: V is for Activism

Report from Abroad


“Kind of a long shot.” That was the subject line of an email message from Barcelona, wondering whether I could come to speak at a conference to be organized by an ad-hoc coalition of radical animal liberation activists. I wrote back to say that I’d be delighted to participate but could not countenance the ecological . . . → Read More: Report from Abroad

Effective Activism

This past weekend, I did a quick Q&A session on “Effective Activism” at the Northampton VegFest. Since I was free-styling in response to questions, I can’t give a coherent talk summary, but here are a few points that are maybe worth repeating.

First, set aside any notion that there is only one way to be . . . → Read More: Effective Activism

Seize the (MLK) Day

VINE Sanctuary encourages its supporters to honor MLK Day with thought and action. For those who cannot participate in local events, we offer a videotaped lecture, which we hope will spark a conversation in the comments section. . . . → Read More: Seize the (MLK) Day