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An Open Letter to HSUS Staff Members


VINE cofounder pattrice jones urges staff members of the Humane Society of the United States to speak up within the organization in order to break the institutional consensus that has led the farmed animal division to sponsor a festival of animal killing. . . . → Read More: An Open Letter to HSUS Staff Members

In Memoriam: Baltimore Blum


Join us in mourning and remembering Baltimore Blum, who died in his sleep last night after living at the sanctuary since 2002. Baltimore began life at a foie gras factory, where he was caged without access to water, besieged by rats, and force-fed massive quantities of food by pneumatic tube in hope that he would develop the fatty liver disease upon which the texture and taste of pate foie gras depend. . . . → Read More: In Memoriam: Baltimore Blum

Tell Obama: Don’t Defend AETA

Sarahjane Blum with duck

Last week, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed suit against the Department of Justice on behalf of six animal advocates seeking to overturn the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). Among those activists is longtime friend of the sanctuary Sarahjane Blum. We feel very proud of her and the co-plaintiffs in Blum v Holder (as well . . . → Read More: Tell Obama: Don’t Defend AETA

Veganism Is the Next Evolution: Our New Beginning

With VINE, we will continue to bring these issues to the table, as we fight to remove the bodies of animals from it. We will continue to provide refuge to animals in need, and we will intensify our advocacy and outreach so others will learn about the necessity, and joy, of embracing a compassionate, cruelty-free lifestyle. We hope that you will join us on this exciting new leg of our journey. Welcome to VINE. . . . → Read More: Veganism Is the Next Evolution: Our New Beginning

The Perils of Poultry

Chicken flesh is like “light” filtered cigarettes, not as bad for you as red meat (unfiltered cigarettes), but still very unhealthy. That’s why, in addition to our empathy for the birds, we get so frustrated when people who want to be healthy swear off cow and pig flesh but keep on eating chickens.

As part . . . → Read More: The Perils of Poultry

Swine Flu = Bird Flu = Pandemic

People want to know, “Can I get swine flu from eating bacon?” Our answer should be, “Yes!” While swine flu is not transmitted by bacon or any other kind of meat, eating bacon, pork chops or even chicken wings creates the circumstances that lead these chimerical bird-pig-human viruses to evolve and flourish. . . . → Read More: Swine Flu = Bird Flu = Pandemic

The Price of Poultry

A few fun facts about the environmental impact of Delmarva’s poultry industry, from this 1999 Washington Post article:

Poultry’s Price: The Cost to the Bay

* Perdue, the country’s second-largest chicken producer, trucks millions of gallons of waste a year from its Delaware slaughterhouses into Maryland, where the loads are injected into fields.

* Some . . . → Read More: The Price of Poultry

Can You Bear to Watch?

Every day on the Delmarva peninsula, more than a million birds scream, scratch and flap as they are shackled to the machinery of death. The center of it all is Salisbury, Maryland — home of the late Frank Perdue, who was the first to apply the industrial model now known as “factory farming” to chickens . . . → Read More: Can You Bear to Watch?