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Solar-Powered Insects and Mad Scientists

Boxelder Bug (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since I moved back to the sanctuary, I’ve been fascinated by insects. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve always appreciated them. But something about moving to a place where the insects are unfamiliar to me (and visit regularly) has heightened my awareness of the many charms of Arthropoda.

From whence I write (that's Thunder . . . → Read More: Solar-Powered Insects and Mad Scientists

Other Kinds of Bird Cages

Rats. Cats. Rabbits. Dogs.


These are the animals we imagine locked up in vivisection labs, subjected to hurtful and often perverse experiments the purpose of which — beyond the satisfaction of abstract curiosity — is often unclear. Cats and rabbits burned by noxious poisons. Rats purposely starved to death. Dogs trapped in cages with . . . → Read More: Other Kinds of Bird Cages