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“Everybody Is Someplace”


Here’s a way to remember the factors to keep in mind when crafting activist strategies within an ecological framework that takes intersectionality into account. . . . → Read More: “Everybody Is Someplace”

From Thug Kitchen to Backyard Chickens

Male chicks in a dumpster behind a hatchery. Small-scale and backyard egg producers buy their hens from hatcheries, which typically drop unwanted male chicks into the trash to smother or starve.

What do the perpetrators of Thug Kitchen have in common with backyard hen keepers? Lack of empathy for others due to preoccupation with one’s own intentions and personal innocence. . . . → Read More: From Thug Kitchen to Backyard Chickens

Arrested for Leafleting While Brown?


Racism and sexism combined to support speciesism when a Whole Foods Market manager made a “citizen’s arrest” of a Latina animal rights activist. . . . → Read More: Arrested for Leafleting While Brown?

Lunchtime with Litigants

Here’s what happened when staff members at a prominent civil liberties organization invited VINE Sanctuary’s cofounder to give a lunchtime talk on intersectionality and animals. . . . → Read More: Lunchtime with Litigants

Are You Plant-Powered People?


VINE Sanctuary seeks submissions and contributions to its new zine, “Plant-Powered People: Voices from the Intersections.” . . . → Read More: Are You Plant-Powered People?

“My Father Shot Our Dog”


Some folks were shocked by the short, sharp punch delivered by Ray Rice to the head of his then-fiance, Janay Palmer. Others were stunned by the insouciance with which Rice knocked Palmer unconscious, the casual air with which he dragged her insentient body across the floor.

Not me. The only thing that shocks me . . . → Read More: “My Father Shot Our Dog”

Food for Thought on Labor Day

Food Empowerment Project founder (and VINE board of directors member) lauren Ornelas has just posted a short Labor Day post on the Appetite for Justice blog.  Go read it now. Then, show her some love in the comments (on that blog, not this one), so she won’t feel awkward about so bravely disclosing her . . . → Read More: Food for Thought on Labor Day

Building Community Through Veganism: Queer Veg*n Speak Out


VINE’s recent Queer Veg*n Speak-Out took an interesting turn, leading to an important conversation about the ill-effects of the implicit whiteness of mainstream veganism. “Listen in” on the conversation in this recap provided by our Community Engagement Coordinator, Brandie. . . . → Read More: Building Community Through Veganism: Queer Veg*n Speak Out

The Oxen at the Intersection


In The Oxen at the Intersection, VINE Sanctuary cofounder pattrice jones analyzes the campaign to “Save Bill and Lou” as a case study in animal advocacy, with sometimes surprising conclusions. . . . → Read More: The Oxen at the Intersection

Summer Reading via VINE


This spring has brought the release of two new anthologies, each with a chapter by one of VINE’s cofounders. The books are The Ethics of Captivity, edited by Lori Gruen, which includes a chapter by VINE cofounder Miriam Jones, and Ecofeminism edited by Carol J. Adams and Lori Gruen, which includes a chapter by . . . → Read More: Summer Reading via VINE