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When Fine-Feathered Friends Fly In


Two dozen multi-colored roosters descend on a chicken sanctuary, changing everything — for the better. . . . → Read More: When Fine-Feathered Friends Fly In

A Farewell to X-Man


Is it possible for a rooster and a human to be friends? VINE Sanctuary’s avian health care specialist Danielle says YES with all her heart. . . . → Read More: A Farewell to X-Man

The Continuing Crisis


Shelters and sanctuaries are flooded with homeless roosters due to the fad for backyard hen-keeping, which profits hatcheries at the expense of families. Find out what you can do to help. . . . → Read More: The Continuing Crisis

Meet Sharkey


Sharkey came to VINE Sanctuary as one of a group of roosters seized by authorities from a cockfighting ring. While roosters who have been used in cockfighting do have to learn not to attack other birds, most do not object to being handled by people. There are always exceptions to this rule, however. Every group . . . → Read More: Meet Sharkey

Fighting Rooster Rehabilitation Update


Two of the 17 former fighting roosters recently taken in by VINE Sanctuary are completely rehabilitated, and several others are nearly there. . . . → Read More: Fighting Rooster Rehabilitation Update

Blue to the Rescue

Blue, the peacemaking rooster

Blue came to the sanctuary from a domestic violence situation. He had been a loner but, last summer, began hanging out with me almost constantly, waking me on my mornings off by crowing on my doorstep. Today, Blue suddenly took off running for the field across the driveway. Why? . . . → Read More: Blue to the Rescue

Check Out Our New YouTube Channel

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be at a sanctuary? Now you can catch a glimpse of everyday life at the sanctuary, via our new YouTube channnel. We don’t have fancy video equipment, but we can catch brief clips of the chickens, cows, ducks, and horses going about their days. Turn up the . . . → Read More: Check Out Our New YouTube Channel


On backyard bird forums, Freecycle lists, Craig’s List, anywhere you can!

Below is a statement put forth by the Eastern Shore Sanctuary in conjunction with Animal Place, Chicken Run Rescue, Farm Sanctuary, Sunny Skies Bird and Animal Sanctuary, and United Poultry Concerns. In it we list the reasons why people should fight this growing . . . → Read More: PLEASE DISSEMINATE WIDELY ABOUT BACKYARD BIRDS!!!

Roosters in Need

This blog has been rooster-heavy for some time, but there is a reason for that. In the past couple of months, we have taken in almost 40 roosters. In addition, some of the young chickens whom we’ve taken in have — you guessed it — turned out to be roosters.

We love our guys. . . . → Read More: Roosters in Need

Coco Comes Home

An apartment in Brooklyn was Coco’s second home. Her first home was a live poultry market where she was kept in a cage, her eggs collected and sold. A young man living in Brooklyn purchased her and took her home to the apartment he shares with his mother, and there she lived quite happily. Until . . . → Read More: Coco Comes Home