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My Summer at VINE Sanctuary


Have you ever worked so hard that you fell asleep in a duck coop? Made friends with a turkey? Observed the world from the point of view of a rooster? No? Then let our summer intern, Katie, tell you all about her weeks at the sanctuary. . . . → Read More: My Summer at VINE Sanctuary

Turkeys and Other Endangered Species


An excerpt from a forthcoming memoir about the sanctuary’s first decade.

They arrived by night. Two ducks, six ducklings, four hens, two roosters and one very terrified turkey huddled in plastic pet-carriers in the back of a pick-up truck. They’d all been living together in a tiny shed until the Delaware family who thought of . . . → Read More: Turkeys and Other Endangered Species

Lois the Traveling Turkey


The turkey known as Lois came to VINE when her free-spirited ways made it difficult for her human companion to keep her safe. She arrived with an extended avian community including another turkey, Pearl, and a family of ducks. (Their former caregiver visits them whenever she can and also pitches in, however she can, as . . . → Read More: Lois the Traveling Turkey

The Immeasurable Magic of Tiny Tom


Guest post by Zipporah Weisberg

There’s just something about Tiny Tom. He shines forth so brightly. When I met him, he still looked threadbare, with many feathers missing. Yet, he held himself with such gentle dignity. This combination of total vulnerability, disarming sweetness, and inner strength cut me to the quick. I simply had to . . . → Read More: The Immeasurable Magic of Tiny Tom

Turkey Day

“Turkey Day.” That’s what some people perversely call the day when diners gather greedily around tables laden with the dead bodies of big birds. “Anti-turkey Day” would be a more appropriate moniker for that “holiday.”

But we are having a true “Turkey Day” here at VINE Sanctuary today. Six young birds who jumped or fell . . . → Read More: Turkey Day

Meet Mama T

"Mama T," a turkey at VINE Sanctuary

Mama T (also known as Mamati) came to the sanctuary from a local small-scale farm, where she had been overcrowded with hens and geese in a small coop with a tiny mud yard. When she first arrived, she was so overweight from lack of exercise that she rarely walked more than a few steps at . . . → Read More: Meet Mama T