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Faith in a Seed


The other day, Miriam and I stopped by the feedstore. She picked out a new water trough while I grabbed a better pair of ice spikes for my boots. While waiting for the trough to be loaded into the pickup truck, I espied a seed packet display and couldn’t resist picking up a few packets . . . → Read More: Faith in a Seed

Flowers in the Vegetable Garden?


Flowers in the vegetable garden can both spice up your vegan diet and be part of a veganic process of gardening by setting up vibrant and dynamic plant communities. . . . → Read More: Flowers in the Vegetable Garden?

Getting Grounded


Care for the living soil, including its underground animals, is the key to successful veganic gardening. Here are some tips, along with a list of vegan soil amendments to be used in lieu of common animal-based organic gardening products. . . . → Read More: Getting Grounded

Planning Your Veganic Garden


Intercropping, companion planting, and use of vertical space make gardens more “green” in both senses of the word. Using those techniques with a spirit of improvisation brings fun and adventure to veganic gardening. . . . → Read More: Planning Your Veganic Garden

The Joy of Veganic Gardening


Advice and encouragement for the beginning veganic gardener. . . . → Read More: The Joy of Veganic Gardening

Beyond Organic

Veganic gardening goes “beyond organic” by using only plant-based materials and methods. VINE’s version of veganic gardening goes even further, incorporating upcycling, seed-swapping, and other “green” strategies. . . . → Read More: Beyond Organic