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For Lou, from Cheryl and Kathy

From the first day that we saw you, we were struck by your quiet peace.  Contentedly grazing and enjoying the beautiful fall day both you and Bill were beautiful and majestic.

Lou, grazing

We remember thinking that you knew something was different. Perhaps it was the way that everyone related to you, or maybe it was just the general sense that you had, but all was not perfect in your world. Cheryl saw the swelling in your leg and wished for the chance to try to make it better, just so that you could be more comfortable. We was glad to watch Bill keep a protective eye on you.

That last time we were able to visit, we were thankful that you allowed us to share your space– to sit and talk, to hear you sigh as you laid down, and to feel your warm breath.  The topic of conversation didn’t matter, it was just simply being there.

More than anything, we are glad that we had the chance the so many others did not:  to kiss your nose and tell you goodbye.  Farewell my friend, you were loved by so many.

Karhy and Cheryl (Since Kathy's always behind the camera here at the sanctuary, we had to use this old snapshot.)