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Good Boys and Sweet Girls


A longtime animal advocate reflects on the common practice of calling adult animals boys and girls, wondering if this reflects and reinforces human supremacy. . . . → Read More: Good Boys and Sweet Girls

What to Do Today


Here are some recommendations for self-education on MLK Day. . . . → Read More: What to Do Today

The MLK Day Vegan Challenge

VINE Sanctuary challenges vegans to spend MLK Day educating themselves about past and ongoing anti-racist struggles, and we challenge vegan and animal liberation organizations to encourage their own followers to do the same. Plan now, so you will be ready on the day itself! . . . → Read More: The MLK Day Vegan Challenge

How to Hold a House Party for Your Favorite Sanctuary


You don’t have to be rich to make a major financial contribution to a sanctuary. Holding a house party can be a fun way to raise funds for a favorite sanctuary while promoting veganism and strengthening your local vegan community. Here’s how! . . . → Read More: How to Hold a House Party for Your Favorite Sanctuary

Best Blog Posts of 2015

Our top blog posts this year included a couple of perennial favorites along with several new “VINE classics.” Check out the lists to make sure you didn’t miss anything! . . . → Read More: Best Blog Posts of 2015

2015 in Review

2015-10-18 11.50.15

Blake began the year in a bad way. A survivor of dairying who is among the eldest female cows at the sanctuary, Blake went down and couldn’t get back up —a potential death sentence for cows— on one of the most frigid early days of 2015.

We were all so worried, but we knew what . . . → Read More: 2015 in Review

Peacocks, Parakeets, and the Two Sides of Style


Inspired by a peacock, VINE Sanctuary cofounder pattrice jones reflects on the promise and peril of vegan style. . . . → Read More: Peacocks, Parakeets, and the Two Sides of Style

Instead of Shopping… Volunteer!


Tthe festival of carnivorous gluttony known as Thanksgiving followed by the carnival of consumerism known as Black Friday offer a case in point of the intersections among colonialism, capitalism, animal exploitation, and environmental degradation. You can resist by dedicating the weekend to playful and productive activities. Live nearby? Come to our volunteer work party! Live elsewhere? Check out our list of other things to do. . . . → Read More: Instead of Shopping… Volunteer!

Yerkes 8 Update: Public Comments Needed Now!

Eight chimpanzees need you to tell the Fish and Wildlife Service not to issue a permit allowing them to be exported to a zoo. Take action today! . . . → Read More: Yerkes 8 Update: Public Comments Needed Now!

Duck Bills


Ask any child (or adult) to draw or imitate a duck, and the first thing they will sketch or mime will be that distinctive bill. But most people don’t realize that, in addition to shaping those characteristic quacks, duck bills are responsible for remarkable feats of perception.

The sensitive tips of duck bills include both . . . → Read More: Duck Bills