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Join the Kale Club!

“It’s kale time!!!”

Every morning, the chickens come running when they hear those words. Breakfast kale, yum!

Since their foraging yards are frozen, all of the birds appreciate the bright greens each morning. Just like us, chickens are more healthy when they eat their leafy greens. This is especially important for the birds from the recent Kapparot rescue, who are of the type bred by the poultry industry to grow unnaturally heavy unnaturally quickly.

Each week during the winter, we buy a case of organic kale from a local grower. The kale keeps the chickens healthy, and the cash helps to support local sustainable agriculture.

But the cost of the cases does add up. We spend just over a hundred dollars each month on kale in the winter months. So, we are inviting you to join a very exclusive club–The Kale Club!

Join the Kale Club!

We need ten VINE supporters to donate ten dollars each month for five months. As a Kale Club member, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are feeding the birds, supporting organic agriculture, and helping VINE sanctuary. Plus, we’ll send you an “Eat More Kale” sticker in the mail. We’ve got a few other fun activities planned for the Kale Club, but that’s for members only to discover.

Just click the button below to sign up, and PayPal will process your $10 donation each month for five months.

Don’t delay. Join today! Once ten members have joined, we’re closing the clubhouse doors!

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