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Strategic Thinking for Animal Liberation

This weekend, we will be participating in the Animal Systems Conference. Since we have long called for more strategic thinking and more attention to the interwoven social, economic, and material systems in which animal exploitation occurs, we are excited to participate in this meeting. Besides speaking and listening to other speakers, we’ll be staffing a table at which we hope to have productive conversations while selling books that include relevant essays.

Watch this blog for recaps of our presentations this weekend. (We’ll also be posting recaps of recent talks on racism and speciesism and on the linkages among animal, environmental, and LGBTQ issues soon.)

In the interim, here are some links to past papers and talks on the specific question of strategic activism for systemic change. We decided to save paper and not bring copies of these to the conference. (If you attended the conference and have come here looking for the reports we mentioned—yes!—you have found them. You can find even more at our online archive.)

2 comments to Strategic Thinking for Animal Liberation

  • pattrice
    And here’s another one worth thinking about, especially in the context of certain within-movement controversies: What’s Wrong With Rights?
  • Sheryl
    THANK YOU. I am so disappointed to miss this conference due to a back injury. I know these updates aren’t like being there, but I’m very grateful for whatever I can glean from this weekend.

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