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VINE Events this Week: Baltimore, NYC, Portland

Because we are located in a low-population rural region, VINE has to depend on supporters elsewhere to organize fundraising events. This week, two sets of friends have stepped up to organize two fun fundraisers:

  • Vegan Drinks for VINE, NYC, May 30 — Sip, socialize, and sample vegan snacks from Soul Kofa, all to benefit the sanctuary. Details here.
  • Punk Rock Karaoke for VINE, Baltimore, June 1 — We’re thrilled to report that Punk Rock Karoke Northeast is kicking off its summer road show with a benefit for VINE. If you’ve never experienced the subversive glee that is punk rock karaoke, you owe it to yourself to show up. If you’ve got friends who think vegans can’t have fun, be sure to drag them along. Details here.

Also this week, VINE will be participating in the Resistance Ecology conference at Portland State University, which will bring together radical environmental, social justice, and animal liberation activists for a weekend of thought-provoking and practical presentations and discussions. In addition to VINE cofounder pattrice jones and VINE board member lauren Ornelas, speakers will include Breeze Harper, Will Potter, Lauren Gazzola, Jeff Luers, and Josh Harper. The event is 100% free, so nothing should stop you from dropping in for as many sessions as possible if you’re in the region.

Later in June, we’ll be in the other Portland (Maine) for VegFest as well as at the Left Forum in NYC, the Critical Animal Studies conference in Minneapolis, and the Animal Rights Conference in DC. Stay tuned for details and reports from the field!

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