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Thirteen Years of “Queering Animal Liberation”

At the Resistance Ecology conference last weekend, during the Q&A following my lecture on “Queering Animal Liberation,” an audience member noted that our brochure identifies VINE as LGBTQ-run and wondered why we specify that. In short, it’s because we’re proud to have met the extra material and emotional challenges that being LGBTQ introduces to the already-difficult tasks of funding and running a rural sanctuary; because we know that being LGBTQ has allowed us to see certain intersections between anti-LGBTQ bias and speciesism; and because we’re proud to have been on the forefront of the effort to bridge the movements for LGBTQ and animal liberation.

Whoops, I just said “proud” twice in one sentence. I’ll let it go. This is, after all, our PRIDE Month Pledge Drive!

I’ll be posting a recap of that conference talk later this month. Today, let me direct you to the Queering Animal Liberation page of our website, where you will find a timeline of our work on the topic, along with lots of links to thought-provoking readings. Come back here after and tell us what you think!

This post is part of VINE’s Pride Month Pledge Drive. If you support our intersectional approach to animal liberation, please contribute $10 or more to our education and advocacy fund.

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