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Brief Recap of Brooklyn-Based Protests of Kaporos; Reflections to Follow

In what was arguably the most successful series of events yet (both here and around the world) designed to protest the animal sacrifice ritual known as Kaporos, approximately 180 birds were rescued this year in Brooklyn, NY. Of these, 95 were rescued with no money changing hands — a sure victory for those who wish to avoid rewarding practitioners in any way, shape, or form for their reprehensible behavior. All of these individuals have been taken to safe places, including 60 who came to VINE Sanctuary thanks, in part, to a generous grant from the ASPCA which funded a new coop and yard for them. All of the rescued birds will live out their lives free from the threat of harm.
Wayne, one of the rescued birds, now safe at VINE

In other events, one protester was arrested while standing in front of the slaughter table holding a sign. He had refused to leave when police asked him to, and so he was taken away.

Practitioners physically accosted one man who had purchased a chicken (Wayne, pictured above) to save his life — in this case, the police officers sided with the protesters. We have hopes that they, too, are all but sick to death of witnessing this blood bath year after year after year.

A van with photographic images and slogans roamed Brooklyn’s neighborhoods and was also quite successful at stirring things up in a productive fashion, as were the flyers which were hung all over the place. The van itself provoked two incidents of violence and intimidation on the part of practitioners of these rituals, both of which had to be ended by police intervention as well.

While we are rejoicing in the liberation of these birds, we are grief-stricken that they represent a drop in the bucket in terms of how many are tortured and killed every year, every day, every minute, in rituals, slaughterhouses, backyards, and elsewhere. We must also remember that Kaporos is but one example of the legalized animal sacrifice that takes place all of the time in this country, justified on the basis of religion. Whether or not it happens in the open does not change the fact that it is happening, and must be stopped. Ultimately, the legality of animal sacrifice, period, must be overturned.

We — those of us who are committed to fighting this obscenity with all tactics that make sense — will continue to fight this fight. If you are reading this and haven’t yet joined us, please do. Or else struggle on your own if that is more your style. Either way, this fight is on-going, not just once a year, and the animals need your active help.

3 comments to Brief Recap of Brooklyn-Based Protests of Kaporos; Reflections to Follow

  • Valerie Traina
    Thank you, Miriam, for saving the lives of 60 birds. My dear friend, Rina Deych, was featured in a wonderful article published in the syndicated Jewish press (including the Jewish Herald) that was quite supportive of the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos, of which she is co-founder. After twenty years it does seem that the tide is truly starting to turn. Rina has gotten many rabbis on-board, even international ones. Her efforts and optimism are to be applauded. However, she is not blowing her own horn, as she is too modest. And, although she is optimistic, she realizes that she has a great deal of work ahead of her. I thank everyone involved in farm animal advocacy, which I believe entails the greatest amount of work of all animal advocacy.
  • Patricia Massari
    When I saw VINE’s FB post with photos of the chicken friends who were saved and how successful this year’s campaign was it really made my night…thank you…
    I know there is still much to be done on SO many other fronts in terms of liberation, but this is a huge success and sends out ripples of hope..THANK YOU again!
  • CQ
    I send my sincere thanks to Miriam and all her fellow VINE creature-comforters, as well as to Rina Deych for co-founding the Alliance and for bringing on board rabbis from around the world.

    Deep down, we all know this desecration of innocent lives is immoral. Why else would those who practice the violent and useless ritual lash out if they didn’t feel guilt at their own (mis)deeds. I’m grateful it’s coming to light, so that it may one day come to an end.

    Sweet Slippy’s Sponsor

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