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Seize the (MLK) Day

Today, the United States celebrates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This national holiday was intended not as a day off but rather as a day ON — a day of mindful action and reflection in the service of justice.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where opportunities abound on MLK Day, we hope that you will get out there and seize the day. Attend a lecture or workshop, or pitch in on a community project, making new friends along the way.

If that’s not possible, either because there are no events in your area or you didn’t get the day off, that’s OK. We’ve got an MLK Day learning opportunity right here for you!



In thhis 2006 lecture, feminist scholar and activist icon Angela Davis answers the question of how social change happens, sharing the hidden history of how MLK got involved in the civil rights movement along the way. (As a bonus, Davis tells us that “I’m not just talking about human beings” when envisioning a more equitable world for everybody.)

Try to make time to watch this lecture today, in honor of MLK Day. Then, share your comments and ideas below. How can we put these important insights into action?

2 comments to Seize the (MLK) Day

  • pattrice
    Angela Davis has influenced my thinking and activism more than any other person. I’m so excited that we shared this lecture for MLK Day this year. I used to show this video in a class I used to teach and was always so interested to hear students’ reactions. So, please do share yours here.

    What did you think the overall theme of the lecture was? What did you learn that you didn’t already know? Did anything surprise you? What did you like best? What will you take away from this?

  • I enjoyed this very much, thanks for sharing

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