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10 Ways You Can Support the Sanctuary (without Writing a Check)

Tractor repair bills. The weekly feed store run. Seasonal grounds maintenance. The costs of supporting the 400+ animals at the sanctuary add up. Thanks to winter weather damage and a series of veterinary emergencies, it’s been especially rough lately. Just this week, excavators had to come and dig new swales and culverts in the back pastures.

So many friends of the sanctuary say, “I wish I could help, but…”

We understand! Most of us at the sanctuary grew up working class, and some of us have experienced poverty. None of us come from money. While we all try to give generously, donating whatever time or money we can to other favorite organizations, we know that it’s sometimes just not possible to write a check.

We want to make it easy for you to put your support for the sanctuary into practice, even if you can’t make a donation right now yourself. So, here’s a list of 10 ways you can support the sanctuary without writing a check:

1. Pass the hat at a potluck

Invite your veg*n, veg-curious, and animal-loving friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to a vegan potluck at which all can share the fun of good food in good company. When everyone is well-fed and relaxed, say a few words about VINE (or, if you’re shy, queue up a few of our YouTube videos) and then pass the hat.

2. Signal boost on social media

Follow VINE on Twitter, and retweet us regularly. When you see a VINE Facebook post that you like, share it on your wall or in a group to which you belong, along with a comment such as “this is a sanctuary that I support, and I hope you will too!”

3. Make a meet-up into a fundraiser

Do you participate in a local vegan drinks or other vegan meet-up? Ask the organizers to designate one of your regular events as a VINE fundraiser. When the day comes, bring some brochures (we’ll gladly mail them to you), along with a donation jar.

4. Clear out the clutter

Hold a yard or garage sale, sending the proceeds to the sanctuary. You can do this on your own, if you’ve got a lot of stuff, or you can invite your friends and relatives to add to the pool of items for sale.

5. Take a hike! 

Or a bike ride or a swim. Just tell your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family that you are walking (or biking or kayaking or whatever) for animals. Ask them to pledge a certain amount per lap or mile or whatever. Then, get exercised! (This year, we’re especially encouraging folks to do this during the month of June, but any time you want to do it is fine.)

6. Turn fun and games into funds

Gather a bunch of board games from friends, family, and/or a nearby thrift store. The sillier, the better! Invite people either to your place or to a local coffee shop or community center for a night of games. To turn the fun and games into funds for the sanctuary, collect a cover charge or ask players to “ante up” before each game or round.

7. Bake a cake

This does require some investment on your part, but might be possible with what you already have on hand. If you work at an office, bake cookies, a cake, or a plate of brownies. Bring them to work, along with with a jar into which those who partake can leave a “suggested donation.” Or, ask a couple of vegan friends to also bake something and then pool your items for a bake sale. If you’re a student, you can set up a table on campus. Otherwise, most food co-ops are very friendly about allowing

8. Make change

Until the government gets rid of coins, people + cash registers = change. We have coin-slot donation tubes featuring pictures of sanctuary residents. If there are shops near you that don’t happen to already have donation jars by the cash register, we can send you some of ours (along with a letter authorizing you to drop off and pick them up). While specifically vegan or animal-friendly stores are most apt, any kind of shop will do: When set in places like hardware stores, these jars do double duty—raising funds while sending the message that farmed animals both need and deserve rescue.

9. Become a VINE cultivator

Help us boost our name recognition among people likely to donate to farmed animal sanctuaries. First identify places in your community (such as veg*n restaurants, food co-ops, progressive bookstores, etc.) that people likely to be open to VINE’s ideas are likely to frequent. We’ll send you stacks of brochures along with cardboard holders that you can set up after getting permission. All you have to do after that is check back every few weeks, keep the holders stocked, and let us know when you run out. Want to do even more? Let us know when your community will be holding a VegFest or similar event!

10. Use your imagination!

These are just some of our ideas. Use your imagination. How could you prompt friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, or other community members to each give small amounts that add up to a sizable donation? How might you inspire those who do have deep pockets to give even more? Good luck, and thanks in advance!

And, of course, if none of this appeals to you but you are someone who could write a check, please do!

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