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Can You Spare a Jump-Start for the Sanctuary?

We’re in a fix. The heavy-duty pickup truck that we NEED to adequately take care of everybody at VINE Sanctuary has died one year earlier than we projected it would. We need to buy a new truck NOW, even though this year’s budget did not plan for that eventuality. We want to buy a DECENT used truck, so we don’t find ourselves in the same situation in a couple of years.


Lois was right to look dubious about the prospects of the truck.

So, we launched a crowdfunding campaign a couple of weeks ago, to try and raise the funds we need for the truck before the lack of a truck capable of hauling a heavy load up our steep and increasingly icy driveway becomes perilous. (We’ve been making do in the interim with a donated truck with worn tires,  a rusted frame, and not enough power to pull a cow-bearing trailer.) One long-time friend of the sanctuary stepped up to offer to match all donations up to $10,000. Other friends of the sanctuary, old and new, have stepped up to donate and help us spread the word.

But we are still very far from our goal. So, now I’m asking our community of blog readers to jump in and help jump-start the campaign before it expires on Sunday night. If you can spare a dollar or a few, please give, knowing that by doing so you will be helping to buy an essential piece of equipment that the sanctuary will use several times each week for years to come. Whether or not you can give, please do take a moment to think about who you know who might be able to pitch in, and then share this link with them. If you use Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn or another social media platform, please post the link there, encouraging your own network to pitch in.

Thanks in advance. We’ll post pics of the new truck in action after we buy it. In the meantime, stay turned. We’ve got a couple of particularly thought-provoking blog posts in the works and will return to regularly scheduled programming once we get this truck situation in hand.

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